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Trading App for Kraken Futures Is Now Available on iOS and Android

“San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken announced that it is introducing a mobile version of its Kraken Future trading app” writes Joeri Cant for cointelegraph.com. The newly introduced Kraken Futures app will also enable its users to sign-in with a QR code, see live order book and price charts, and manage open positions and open orders, among others.According to its website, Kraken Futures is a professional trading platform for derivatives on digital assets, where traders can long and short digital assets with up to 50x leverage, while offering seamless transfers between spot and futures markets.The app will be available on both the iOS and Android platforms.On Nov. 21, Kraken¬†announced on its blog that it is launching a mobile app version of Kraken Futures, which was created earlier this year after acquiring Cryptofacilities and was previously only available on a web browser.
Source: cointelegraph.com

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