Thousands of ICE employees can access license plate reader data, emails show

“In emails obtained by the ACLU, ICE was told that law enforcement could expect access to billions of license plate scans, with hundreds of millions more added each month” writes Mar Edt for A law enforcement data-sharing process makes the system “as easy as adding a friend on your favorite social media platform,” according to the emails.Immigration and Customs Enforcement allows thousands of employees to access a controversial license plate database with questionable legal safeguards in place to prevent abuse, the American Civil Liberties Union said today as it published thousands of pages of agency documents.The database, run by a company called Vigilant Solutions, allows law enforcement to track cars against previously compiled license plate data, giving police a way to closely monitor the movement of vehicles.More than 9,200 ICE employees have access More than 9,200 ICE employees have access to the database, according to an email from last year, but there were scant privacy safeguards in place, the ACLU said.

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