Texas voters approve second life for state cancer funding agency

“State Senator Charles Schwertner (R) told the Austin American-Statesman in January that although CPRIT’s goals are “unquestionably noble,” funding cancer research is not a role for state government” writes Jocelyn Kaiser for On 5 November, Texas residents will decide whether to sustain CPRIT, the second largest public source of cancer funding in the United States after the federal government.*Update, 6 November, 12:30 p.m.: On 5 November, Texas voters approved (64% to 36%) a ballot measure to extend the life of its pioneering state cancer research funding agency, CPRIT, by doubling, to $6 billion, the amount of bonds that can be issued to support the agency.”The investment CPRIT has made has accelerated cancer research and the development of the cancer ecosystem in Texas beyond our expectations,” says the agency’s chief scientific officer, James Willson.

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