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Reduced Bitcoin Futures Volatility Offers a Glimpse of Hope to Long-term Speculators

“The general interest in Bitcoin futures contracts is not where it should be” writes Jp Buntinx for In the week ending on October 26th, Bitcoin futures were the least volatile since being introduced.One can look at the futures volatility decline as a sign of maturity.This also has an effect on the volatility associated with Bitcoin futures.This is a positive sign that might hint at future price growth. Source:

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Crypto Markets News CEO: Institutional Crypto Investors Will Offload Risks to Speculators

“Bharath spoke of how he believes that institutional investors will make their way into the crypto space, and how the regulatory landscape is shaping the blockchain industry” reports The Summit is a leading crypto and forex event that will take place at the Old Billingsgate from November 13th to 14th.That’s because we have commodities markets for these goods.” “In countries which don’t have this, prices will vary and swivel. Source:

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