U.S.’s Overt Payback for China’s Covert Espionage

“The U.S. counterattack, in part, seems to be a public revelation of just how and why Beijing is stealing America’s secrets — overt payback for covert espionage” reports To combat Chinese spying and hacking, U.S. intelligence agencies are increasingly sharing with the Justice Department revelatory information about Chinese operations.That pledge followed an indictment the previous year that revealed an elaborate plot by Chinese military hackers to steal U.S. commercial secrets.The indictment notes that the Chinese government had identified DRAM as “a national economic priority” that Beijing was determined to…

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Crypto News 

Crypto Octoberfest: Bithumb Launches Cashback Promotion for Overseas Users

“Overseas customers of the firm can earn a cashback of 70% of the transaction fees paid during the event duration” writes Kuldeep Kaul for Offering a cashback promotion is a pretty solid idea, overall.International customers who have executed trades during the promotion period can check their current trade volume by clicking on the button.According to the report, the event is an expression of appreciation by the company for the support and loyalty by its overseas customers.Bithumb, the leading Korean cryptocurrency exchange, is holding a promotional event during which international…

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