Josh Hart says Chipotle tastes better with their plastic forks, and he’s right

“Chipotle forks are different from even regular plastic forks you might get in bulk at your local grocery store” writes Dec Est for When the food arrives, and there’s not one of those plastic forks in my bag, my heart sinks a little.On Monday afternoon, he tweeted out a very simple, but accurate statement with regards to the restaurant: Now, Hart doesn’t specifically mention Chipotle’s plastic forks. Source:

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Bitcoin Price Inches Back from Year Low – But Why Did the Drop Happen in the First Place?

“The bitcoin cash blockchain has been undergoing scheduled hard forks every six months to upgrade and improve the protocol” writes Nick Marinoff for This, itself, was nothing special; Bitcoin Cash had undergone hard forks in the past to little or no challenge.What factors do you think are responsible for Bitcoin’s drop in value?.  Source:

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