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Top 5 Blockchain Projects Currently In Alpha

“Can you think of other blockchain projects, currently in alpha, that should be listed here?” reports Because Akasha content lives on a blockchain network rather than any one server, it’s immune from censorship.Auctus uses a blockchain and smart contracts to moderate transparent relationships between retirement fund holders and human or robo-advisors.That statistic shouldn’t scare people away from blockchain; however, it should reinforce the value of projects that enter the alpha phase or beyond, demonstrating that they’re well along the road to a successful project. Source:

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The mysterious senior Trump administration official who wrote a blistering op-ed about Trump reportedly made contact with The New York Times through an intermediary

“The New York Times revealed some details about its editorial process following the publication of a blistering op-ed on Wednesday, in which an anonymous senior Trump administration official strongly criticized the president’s character and job performance” writes David Choi for It also claimed that the senior official and others within the administration were working to “frustrate parts of [Trump’s] agenda and his worst inclinations.”.  Source:

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