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Sydney Trading Session Heads Up Sunday, March 17, 2019

Sydney opening news digest

Boeing Pensioners And Shareholders Contemplate The Unthinkable

Boeing pensioners, many of whom retired with large holdings of Boeing stock, have been asking me whether they should sell. I turned to Wayne Himelsein, one of my managers, for guidance because his quantitative approach takes emotions out of the equation.


Three Bullish ESG Stocks This Week

Three ESG stocks look set for bullish moves this week. Here’s a quick take and chart for each.


The Week Ahead: Can Tech Stocks Drag The Market Higher?

Was last week’s reversal enough to push the overall market higher? What do the technical studies say about the strength of the stock market’s daily and weekly trend?


Stocks This Week: Buy Best Buy And Short Mattel

The S&P will likely be flat in the coming week. Here are long and short recommendations for the short term.


Be A 1-Click Landlord: 3 Real Estate Stocks Paying Up To 7%

The three lodging REITs we’ll discuss here yield between 4% and 7%.


Psychological Issues Loom Large in Wake of Boeing 737 Max Crashes

The 737 Max has certainly had an inauspicious beginning, as did Boeing’s Dreamliner. If the past is prologue, the kinks in the 737 Max will eventually get worked out. It is just that human psychology makes the process that much more expensive, both in dollars and in lives lost.


Argentina’s Peso, Nothing But Trouble

Argentina released its February inflation rate, and inflation spiked again. The official annual inflation rate jumped to 51.3%/yr. This isn’t a surprise. I measure Argentina’s inflation each day, and, by my measure, the annual inflation rate is 100%/yr.


Why Did Boeing Put So Much Technology in the 737 MAX? To Make Money

Like any other work process under capitalism, every Econ 101 student knows and so eloquently explaining in the 1980s by economists Harry Braverman technology must be understood in terms of costs, control of work, and how humans and technology interact on the job.


China Wants To Dominate The Indo-Pacific Region, Silently

China has a clear mission in Indo-Pacific region: complete dominance, in a silent way. US shouldn’t let it happen.


12 Ways To Drill For Profits In The Oil And Gas Sector

From small cap oil service firms to some of the world’s largest integrated global energy outfits, there is a wide range of opportunities to invest in oil & gas. Several leading investment experts, and ongoing contributors to MoneyShow.com, highlight a dozen favorite investment ideas.


Modi Lifted India Up, Why Is He Fighting For His Job?

Modi lifted India up at home and abroad. But he may still lose his job in the next elections, because of his ruling style.


Here’s Why Stocks Are Set To Soar (And A 7.6% Dividend To Buy Now)

Tune out the nervous Nellies panicking over last week’s job numbers: they missed the real news—and their panic has handed us a straight shot at a cheap 7.6% dividend today.


Fact-Checking Trump’s Recent Economic Tweets

President Trump frequently tweets that the U.S. has the “Best Economy” and he signed the “Biggest tax cut.” Unfortunately for him, the tax cut doesn’t even make the top 10, and he conveniently overlooks other countries or natural growth that would occur no matter who is President.


Tesla Continues To Surprise Investors With Electric Shocks

A more cynical person than I might suggest that Musk is just tired of it all and is now looking for a forced exit. Even if forced out, he’d still own about 20 percent of Tesla’s shares shares,but he could turn his energy to operating Space X.


Will Volkswagen AG Continue The Positive Growth In 2019?

Volkswagen AG (OTCMKTS: VWAGY) declared its annual results for the fiscal year 2018 on March 12, 2019 early morning. The company posted revenues of €235 billion ($268 billion), up by around 2.5% year on year and earnings were reported at €23.6 ($27), up by around 2% year on year. We can say that…


Carl Icahn Ups Caesars Stake As He Pushes For Sale

Activist investor Carl Icahn this week increased his holding of Caesars Entertainment Corp. as he expands his control of the company in hopes of putti


Altcoins Surge In Value While Bitcoin Stalls

Will lesser-know altcoins continue to break free from the broader market?


The Average American Can’t Save Enough To Retire

How much money do you need to retire? Let’s do the math… If you retire in 2019 at age 65, your monthly benefit will be $2,757. It jumps to $3,770 if you delay retirement until age 70. Bottom line: Social Security probably won’t give you much security. You need more.


Mexican Infrastructure Funding Surges As New President Takes Reins

Mexican infrastructure funds got a huge boost in 2018 with nearly MXN 17.78bn or roughly USD 1bn raised, a 38% increase from the prior year. How the capital gets deployed is a huge issue as the regime of new Mexican president Andres Manuel Luis Obrador has all but shut down greenfields projects.


Tesla’s Model Y Introduction Left The Stock Market Wanting More

But what really differentiates a Tesla? You fill it with electricity, not gas. That’s it.


Investors Should Be Cautious With China’s IP Theft Promise

China’s movement toward curtailing the taking of intellectual property is a great first step. But investors shouldn’t allow that to underestimate the risk of owning stocks with high China exposure.


The iShares Core S&P Mid-Cap ETF’s Underlying Holdings Could Mean 10% Gain Potential

For the iShares Core S&P Mid-Cap ETF, we found that the implied analyst target price for the ETF based upon its underlying holdings is $208.04 per unit.


A Closer Look At Mastercard’s Key Value Drivers

Mastercard has consistently beat street estimates despite an overall slowdown in global economic conditions in 2018. Gross dollar volume achieved 13% growth, with a 20% growth in purchase transactions and 10% growth in cash transactions.


Oracle Q3: Cloud Continues To Surprise

Oracle reported its fiscal Q3 results on Thursday, March 14. The company beat expectations on revenue and EPS, driven by traction in cloud.


Analysts Expect The iShares Dow Jones U.S. ETF Will Reach $155

For the iShares Dow Jones U.S. ETF, we found that the implied analyst target price for the ETF based upon its underlying holdings is $154.92 per unit.


Markets Appear To Remain Buoyant On ‘Quadruple Witching Day’

Stocks aim higher, but investors may see more volatility with “Quadruple Witching Day” ahead.


Peek Under The Hood: The iShares Russell 1000 Growth ETF Has 10% Upside

For the iShares Russell 1000 Growth ETF, we found that the implied analyst target price for the ETF based upon its underlying holdings is $164.35 per unit.


Is This Rock Bottom For Newell?

Last week, analysts parsed 421 10-K filings and collected 38,931 data points. In total, they made 7,881 accounting adjustments with a dollar value of $1.9 trillion.


What The Yield Curve Tells Investors Now

What the yield curve tells us about prospects for the U.S. economy today.


Peek Under The Hood: The SPDR S&P MIDCAP 400 ETF Has 10% Upside

For the SPDR S&P MIDCAP 400 ETF, we found that the implied analyst target price for the ETF based upon its underlying holdings is $379.12 per unit.


Stock Market Fund Flows: S&P 500 Breaches 2,815 as Inflows Persist

The S&P 500 ended Friday’s session slightly above the previously insurmountable 2,815 price level. Elsewhere, utilities notched a tenth week of gains.


Weekly Technical Forecast: EURUSD, Dow and Crude Look for Breakouts with Legs

The benchmarks of the financial market have clearly run the extent of the easy recovery from the fourth quarter tumble. With the likes of the


Weekly Trading Forecast: Fed Decision, Brexit and Risk Trends Tempt Volatility

Systemic themes such as trade wars and slower economic expansion will take a backseat for this upcoming trading week. Monetary policy will return to the


Technical Forecast for S&P 500, Dow, FTSE 100, DAX and Nikkei

The tone of recovery held through global equities this week, and a series of rate decisions are on the docket for next week.


Dow Jones, S&P 500, FTSE 100 and DAX 30 Fundamental Forecast

With the major equity indices simultaneously testing technical resistance, catalysts will be found from fundamental developments in the week ahead.


Euro Forecast: Focus for EURGBP, EURUSD Turns to BOE, Fed Meetings

With Euro-area March PMI reports due on Friday, traders’ attention for most of the week will be the latest Brexit developments, the BOE rate decision,


EURUSD Technical Forecast: Trend & Resistance Give Euro Weak Backdrop Heading into Next Week

The Euro is bouncing, but with a generally weak trend, resistance, and lacking the ability to show follow-through, strength is expected to fizzle into weakness


Gold Price Weekly Technical Outlook: XAU/USD Rebound to Fizzle

Gold prices are higher on the week but remain vulnerable ahead of next week’s FOMC rate decision. Here are the levels that matter on the


Gold Price Forecast: Where Will XAUUSD Breakout Next?

While the spot gold price chart shows consolidation at its current level, looming fundamental drivers could ignite the next move in XAUUSD.


Dollar Reverses in Large Range, EURUSD Pressure Builds Towards Break

The DXY Dollar Index suffered its worst week’s performance since August, but the technical picture looks no closure to resolution of its persistently narrowing range.


EUR/USD Rate Outlook Hinges on FOMC Forward-Guidance

The EUR/USD rebound following the ECB meeting appears to have stalled ahead of the FOMC interest rate decision, with the Fed slated to unveil its


Professional Crude Oil and Energy Trading Fundamentals, Brynne Kelly

The crude oil price is a complex derivative of a very diverse market. Energy trading veteran, Brynne Kelly of The Fundamental Angle helps break down


Sterling Weekly Technical Outlook: Charts Highlight Bullish GBP Bias

A good week for Sterling bulls with GBP pushing higher across the board, with added volatility for good measure. Technical analysis continues to highlight a


GBP Fundamental Forecast: Brexit Meaningful Vote – Third Time Lucky?

Brexit will continue to dominate the domestic scene, putting the latest Bank of England policy decisions in the shade. Meaningful Vote 3 is expected to


Crude Oil Prices Touches New 2019 High As OPEC Supply Doubts Remain

The price of Crude Oil traded to the highest levels since November as traders anticipate the meeting between OPEC and strategic alliances that could renew


Crude Oil Price Outlook Clouded by OPEC Meeting, Fed Rate Decision

The dominant uptrend in crude oil prices face a cloudy week ahead. Potential gains on the weekend OPEC+ joint meeting may be offset by US


Charging Dollar, Pound and Euro Breaks from Fed, Brexit and PMIs

The S&P 500 and crude oil advanced beyond overt resistance this past week but no conviction seemed to follow the break


AUD/USD, GBP/AUD and AUD/JPY Technical Outlook Bearish

The AUD/USD, GBP/AUD and AUD/JPY outlook in the medium-term is not only bearish due to technical patterns, but also near-term signals warn of pullbacks in


Australian Dollar Could Slide Again If RBA Speakers Stay Dovish

The Australian Dollar may well face renewed pressure if the week’s central bank speeches again highlight the utility of a weaker currency. Stronger data may


US Dollar Mired in Range; US Yields Breakdown May Boost Gold Prices

The DXY Index is edging slightly lower as US equity markets deal with a quad witching day as the calendar turns through the ides of


Currency Volatility: GBP Traders Eye BOE and Brexit Vote, Fed to Drive USD

Implied volatility across major currency pairs looks muted for the week ahead, but that could change with 4 upcoming central bank meetings and another Brexit


Technical Forecast for S&P 500, Dow, FTSE 100, DAX and Nikkei

The tone of recovery held through global equities this week, and a series of rate decisions are on the docket for next week.


FX Week Ahead: RBA & BOE Rate Decision; Canadian & New Zealand Jobs

The turn into the second half of March brings about two key rate decisions as well as several inflation reports.


Building a Global Macro Strategy with Hedge Fund Advisor, Julian Brigden

Julian Brigden of MacroIntellingence2 and Macro Insiders of Real Vision walks you through his Global Macro Strategy and investment framework on the DailyFX Podcast.


Canadian Dollar Weekly Price Outlook: Loonie Strength to Tame USD/CAD

Loonie is up nearly 0.5% this week as price responds to key technical resistance. Here are the targets and invalidation levels that matter on the


Forex today: Dollar eases back, CAD/WTI slide and sterling rides Brexit deal optimism

Comments from Chinese Premier Li Keqiang enthused markets, Beijing’s No. 2 leader after President Xi Jinping, had been optimistic saying that a deal b


WTI Technical Analysis: Bulls meet tough resistance but hold at critical support

Information on these pages contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. Markets and instruments profiled on this page are


EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Euro ending the week above 1.1300 handle

EUR/USD weekly chart

EUR/USD is testing the 200-week simple moving average near the 1.1337 level.
A break above 1.1337 would be significant.


Gold Technical Analysis: Bulls eye a test of 1,315 (50% Fibo target: 1,313)

Information on these pages contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. Markets and instruments profiled on this page are


Wall Street shrugs of Mnuchin’s “there’s still a lot of work to do” on trade talks, DJIA back en route to 78.6% fibo

Wall Street was putting on a more positive display on Friday, with the NASDAQ and S&P 500 ending at five-month highs while the DJIA adding 1.6% on the


S&P500 Technical Analysis: US Stocks grinding up above 2,820.00 level

S&P500 daily chart

The S&P500 is trading above its main simple moving average suggesting bullish momentum.


S&P500 4-hour chart

The S&P500


GBP: Could be a good time to take protection against swings – CIBC

Andrew Grantham, an analyst at CIBC, points out that GBP/USD implied volatility rose over a 1-month horizon, but not over the 3 or 12 months, 

Key Qu


US Dollar Index Technical Analysis: DXY weak below 96.87 resistance

DXY daily chart

The US Dollar Index (DXY) is trading in a bull trend above its 200-day simple moving average.

DXY 4-hour chart

DXY is tradi


United States Net Long-Term TIC Flows climbed from previous $-48.3B to $-7.2B in January

United States Net Long-Term TIC Flows climbed from previous $-48.3B to $-7.2B in January


United States Total Net TIC Flows down to $-143.7B in January from previous $-33.1B

United States Total Net TIC Flows down to $-143.7B in January from previous $-33.1B


Eurozone: All about sentiment indicators – Danske Bank

According to analysts from Danske Bank, the key report in the Eurozone next week will be the PMIs. They hope to seem stabilisation soon in the PMIs.


US: Widespread grounding of the 737-MAX to impact on durable goods orders – Wells Fargo

The widespread grounding of the Boeing 737-MAX aircraft means that durable goods orders will likely be under added pressure the next few months, expla


US Next week: PMIs and FOMC meeting – Danske Bank

The key economic report next week in the US will be the flash PMI readings according to analysts at Danske Bank while they see FOMC meeting as the mos


EUR/USD: Best week for the euro since November

The EUR/USD was rising modestly on Friday, consolidating weekly gains. The euro managed to fully recover from the losses that followed the European Ce


GBP to rally initially if EU grants UK any delay to Brexit beyond March 29 – Rabobank

“Assuming that May is not successful in pushing her plan through the Commons next week, the prospect of a much longer deal becomes likely,” notes Rabo


USD/CHF Technical Analysis: Greenback at daily lows against CHF near 1.0020 support

USD/CHF daily chart

USD/CHF is trading in a bull trend above its main simple moving averages (SMAs).


USD/CHF 4-hour chart

USD/CHF is trad


WTI trades above $58 after Baker Hughes data, adds more than 4% for the week

The barrel of West Texas Intermediate extended its weekly rally to a fresh 4-month high of $58.93 earlier in the day but struggled to push higher as i


UK: BoE, CPI and jobs data to be offset by Brexit developments – Danske Bank

Data to be released next week includes the jobs report and inflation. It will also be the Bank of England meeting. Brexit related events will likely o


Canada: Manufacturing shipments start 2019 on a positive note – NBF

A report released today in Canada showed that manufacturing shipments rose 1.0% in January. Kyle Dahms, analyst at the National Bank of Canada explain


USD/CAD Technical Analysis: Greenback gaining strength against CAD above 1.3300 figure

USD/CAD daily chart

USD/CAD is trading in a bull trend above its main simple moving averages (SMAs).

USD/CAD 4-hour chart

USD/CAD is trading


United States Baker Hughes US Oil Rig Count: 833 vs previous 834

United States Baker Hughes US Oil Rig Count: 833 vs previous 834


EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: Euro at daily lows against Sterling

EUR/GBP daily

EUR/GBP is trading in a sideways trend below its main simple moving averages (SMAs).

EUR/GBP 4-hour chart

EUR/GBP is trading


DUP’s Dodds: Talks with UK Chancellor Hammond were on customs

Touching on today’s talks with UK government officials, the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party’s (DUP) Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds said that they


NY Fed: GDP Nowcast unchanged for 2019:Q1 at 1.4%

“The New York Fed Staff Nowcast stands at 1.4% for 2019:Q1 and 1.5% for 2019:Q2,” the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported on Friday.

“News from


USD/CHF drops to fresh 10-day lows after short-live rebound

The USD/CHF pair peaked at the beginning of the US session at 1.0051, reaching the highest level in two day but then turned again to the downside, fal


Fed to remain on hold for the remainder of 2019 – Rabobank

Previewing next week’s FOMC meeting, “The Fed’s new set of projections is likely to reflect the more dovish statements since December,” Rabobank analy


USD/CAD eases from highs, clings to modest gains near mid-1.33s

The USD/CAD pair climbed to a daily high of 1.3375 in the early NA session as the commodity-related loonie weakened on falling crude oil prices. Howev


AUD/USD Technical Analysis: Aussie on the rise approaching the 0.7100 figure

AUD/USD daily chart

AUD/USD is trading in a bear trend below its main simple moving averages (SMAs). 

AUD/USD 4-hour chart

AUD/USD is tradi


DUP: Talks with UK government to continue over the next few days

“The DUP’s position is that the party is in talks with the Government and these will continue over the next few days. At this stage there are no plans


US: Core trend in industrial output remains weak – Wells Fargo

Data released today showed that Industrial Production rose marginally in February. Analysts at Wells Fargo point out the 0.4% decline in February manu


Industrial Production +0.1% in February Crossing Wall Street

This morning’s Industrial Production report showed a slight increase last month. Last month, IP rose by 0.1% while the Street had been expecting an in


Here’s the pitch deck this Austin, Texas, entrepreneur used to raise millions for a startup inspired by Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional testimony

Serial founder Arlo Gilbert was inspired by lawmakers’ out-of-touch questions.


Facebook is on the lookout for foreign spies trying to infiltrate the company

It’s one of many American tech companies face that are concerned about the risk of state-sponsored corporate espionage.


Investors focused on themes are making 5 big mistakes. Here’s how UBS says they can be avoided.

Investors who want to pick companies and sectors based on themes need to watch out for these common mistakes, according to a UBS researcher.


Tesla’s stock doesn’t trade like it used to (TSLA) | Markets Insider

Tesla has shifted from a stock that trades like an emerging-growth company to one that’s sensitive to more fundamental catalysts, said Craig Irwin, an ana…


You can try to catch Carmen Sandiego in Google Earth’s throwback to the original video game

Google Earth has released the first in a series of “Carmen Sandiego” games that will test your knowledge of geography.


Here’s how Airtable raised $160 million last year — and got a valuation of around $1 billion — without a pitch deck

CEO Howie Long and his team didn’t have to put together a Power Point presentation to close Airtable’s Series B and C funding rounds.


A Wall Street expert explains why the US is the ‘worst place’ for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s favorite economic theory — and breaks down the ‘absolutely horrifying’ impact it could have

Vincent Deluard of INTL FCStone lays out a compelling case that it’s the wrong time to implement modern monetary theory (MMT) in the US.


Jared Kushner had a rough week and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any better soon

It’s been a rough week for President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner.


Ariana Grande is getting into private equity; Citigroup is considering working with pot companies

Wall Street Insider is a behind-the-scenes look at the stories dominating banking, business, and big deals.


‘Billions’ star Asia Kate Dillon on how the show led to a revelation about the actor’s own gender identity, and an emotional moment with a fan

Interview with “Billions” star Asia Kate Dillon, who plays Taylor Mason, about gender identity, fan reactions, and future artistic ambitions.


A Canadian investment bank is quietly pursuing a critical regulatory approval that would solve one of the biggest pain points for the US marijuana industry

Canaccord Genuity is seeking approval from FINRA to serve as a custodian for US investors. Sources say they’re going after the cannabis industry.


An Uber Eats executive reveals the company’s surprising strategy for moving beyond taxi rides

Uber’s taxi rides outside of urban cores are deeply unprofitable, but delivery could help the company’s balance sheet turn green in time for an IPO.


Why SAP CEO Bill McDermott signs his emails ‘XO, Bill’ since buying Utah startup Qualtrics for $8 billion cash

It’s all about explaining why he spent so much on Qualtrics and why he thinks this acquisition is a game-changer for SAP.


These 9 books will help you make sense of why we need ‘better capitalism’

Our selections include books like “The Shareholder Value Myth” and “Winners Take All.”


Elon Musk just revealed the Tesla Model Y — and he’s still the greatest car salesman who ever lived

Musk was at his best during the unveiling — in full-on salesman mode, both for the vehicle and for Tesla’s vision.


Apple’s ambitious vision for the future of TV is finally about to take shape. Here’s why it matters more than ever.

Apple is preparing to unveil a streaming TV service on March 25, building on the vision it established in 2015. And it’s critical for the company as iPhone sales dip.


Electronic Arts took a huge gamble by paying the world’s most popular gamer $1 million to play its new game for a day. Here’s why it was worth every penny

EA paid Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and other top video game streamers to promote the surprise launch of “Apex Legends,” a big bet on influencer marketing.


Here’s how a tiny toymaker dodged the Toys R Us disaster that whacked Hasbro and Mattel

Funko’s diversified customer base, range of sales channels and devoted buyers let it dodge the Toys R Us liquidation that ravaged Hasbro and Mattel.


A ‘tug-of-war’ is pulling the stock market in 2 distinct directions — and how investors combat it will determine whether they survive the next meltdown

Many investors are worried about the future of the stock market — and it’s clearly showing.


Unicorn startup PagerDuty files to go public

PagerDuty filed its S-1 to go public on Friday. This IT company is backed by firms like Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, and Bessemer Venture Partners


Synaptics CEO out as earnings hit by China softness, stock plunges

Synaptics Inc. shares dropped 7% in after-hours trading Friday afternoon, after the tech company announced that its chief executive is leaving and that its…


Bill McGlashan resigns from E.L.F. Beauty board over ties to admissions scandal

E.L.F. Beauty Inc. said in a Friday filing that prominent Silicon Valley private-equity investor Bill McGlashan has resigned from the company’s board of…


Cloud computing PagerDuty files for IPO

PagerDuty Inc. has filed for an initial public offering, according to a Friday filing. The San Francisco-based cloud computing company filed to sell $100…


Dow closes week at highest since March 1 as Boeing rebounds; S&P 500, Nasdaq end at 5-month peak

U.S. stocks booked their best weekly gains in several weeks, and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq finished at their highest levels since early October, as…


U.S. oil prices fall for the session, but gain over 4% for the week

Oil futures fell on Friday, with U.S. prices pulling back after posting gains in each of the last four sessions, but still tallying a gain of 4.4% for the…


Qualcomm defeats Apple in patent trial, stock gains

Qualcomm Inc. shares received a quick boost in Friday trading after the chip maker reportedly won a patent trial against Apple Inc. in San Diego, Calif….


FDIC settles with PwC for $335 million on audits of crisis-era bank failure

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation said on Friday it agreed to a $335 million settlement with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP for professional negligence…


Gold futures end back above $1,300 to post a gain for the week

Gold futures settled back above $1,300 an ounce Friday to post a modest gain of 0.3% for the week, with the haven metal finding support following mass…


Lumber Liquidator’s stock falls ahead of Q4 earnings, as previous reports have disappointed

Shares of Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc. fell 1.3% in afternoon trade Friday, ahead of the hardwood flooring seller’s fourth-quarter results. It may not be…


Baker Hughes data show U.S. oil-rig count edged down for a 4th straight week

Baker Hughes on Friday reported that the number of active U.S. rigs drilling for oil fell by one to 833 this week. That followed three consecutive weeks of…


Tesla’s creditworthiness still \

Tesla Inc.’s creditworthiness still faces “meaningful pressures” even though the company reached some of its Model 3 goals and repaid debt on time,…


Treasury announces sanctions on Russia over Ukraine ship attacks

The U.S. Treasury on Friday announced sanctions on six Russian individuals and eight entities in response to what it called Moscow’s “continued and…


Chip stocks jump after Broadcom CEO says sector has hit bottom

Semiconductor stocks were collectively trading about 3.5% higher Friday morning, after Broadcom Inc. results calmed some fears about the sector and the…


University of Michigan consumer sentiment increases in March

Consumer sentiment had a further bounce in March, according to the University of Michigan index released Friday. The index jumped to 97.8 in March from 98.3…


Stock market opens higher, set to book best weekly gain in about a month.

U.S. stock benchmarks opened modestly higher on Friday, putting stocks on pace to produce strong weekly gains, even as data on the day came at cooler than…


Stock market opens higher, set to book best weekly gain in about a month.

U.S. stock benchmarks opened modestly higher on Friday, putting stocks on pace to produce strong weekly gains, even as data on the day came at cooler than…


MoviePass parent Helios & Matheson CFO quits to take another job

MoviePass parent Helios & Matheson Analytics Inc. disclosed Friday that Chief Financial Officer Stuart Benson has resigned, effective March 22. The…


Nucor’s stock falls after downbeat profit outlook, but sees prices bottoming

Shares of Nucor Corp. sank 1.8% in premarket trade Friday, after the steel maker provided a first-quarter profit outlook that was below expectations. The…


AT&T’s stock rallies after Raymond James upgrades, citing valuation and dividend yield

Shares of AT&T Inc. tacked on 1.0% in premarket trade Friday, after the communications services and media giant was upgraded at Raymond James, which…


Charging Dollar, Pound and Euro Breaks from Fed, Brexit and PMIs

FOMC Talking Points: • The S&P 500 and crude oil advanced beyond overt resistance this past week but no conviction seemed to follow the break • Dollar has se…


DailyFX Live Data Coverage: US Consumer Confidence – U. of Michigan (MAR P)

-Subscribe to DailyFX: https://www.youtube.com/DailyFXNews?sub_confirmation=1 -Visit DailyFX: https://www.dailyfx.com Welcome to DailyFX where subscribers ge…


S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 Forecast March 18, 2019

The S&P 500 rallied a bit during the trading session on Friday, reaching towards the 2830 level. This is a very bullish sign, and it looks likely that pullba…


EUR/USD and GBP/USD Forecast March 18, 2019

The Euro rallied a bit during the trading session on Friday but gave back quite a bit of the gains at the 50 day EMA. We ended up forming a bit of a shooting…


USD/JPY and AUD/USD Forecast March 18, 2019

The US dollar fell during the trading session on Friday, as we continue to see a lot of resistance between ¥111.50 and ¥112. Because of this, I think that th…


Gold Forecast March 18, 2019

Gold markets rallied on Friday to recapture $1300, an area that of course is rather important. This is a market that is highly sensitive to the US dollar, so…


Bitcoin Forecast March 18, 2019

Bitcoin rallied significantly during the trading session on Friday, but unlike many of the other rallies that we have seen lately, we actually kept the gains…


WTI Crude Oil and Natural Gas Forecast March 18, 2019

The WTI Crude Oil market went back and forth during the trading session in rather volatile trading on Friday. This is a market that continues to see a lot of…


How to avoid common trading mistakes

Behavioural psychology plays a big part in trading the markets. The way in which a successful trader approaches a day’s work is very different from someone t…


EU will be receptive to a ‘short’ Article 50 extension, but will it be extended further?

For the latest videos on Brexit ▶️https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiuPElZAFyTJPnWgOdYxo6-LLd7sKXJS1 With the UK in a tight corner, after a series of u…


European Council and central banks in focus – 16 March 2019

Michael looks at the key levels in the FTSE 100, German DAX and S&P 500 while looking ahead to the upcoming EU Council meeting, and the prospect of a Brexit …


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