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Samourai BTC Wallet Removes Security Features at Google’s Behest for Transparency Policy

“Bitcoin (BTC) wallet provider Samourai Wallet said it was disabling several security-related features in its products due to notices from Google to block the wallet, according to a Jan. 7. blog post” writes William Suberg for Samourai, by offering “stealth mode,” remote SMS commands and a way to mitigate the risk of so-called “SIM swapping” attacks, allegedly flouted these, despite all three features being present in its wallet since the time of its 2015 launch.Samourai, which has aimed to provide a Bitcoin-centric experience through adding enhanced anonymity options and removing references to fiat currency, confirmed it was removing three functions from its wallet in time for its latest update released Tuesday. “Again, we are sorry for this inconvenience, but our hands have been tied by Google,” the blog post reads, adding: Google began mandating certain levels of transparency for third-party add-ons since last year.

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