Reliant Funding Launches SBA Loan Service Amid Government Shutdown

“Small business finance company Reliant Funding is launching a new program that can link borrowers to faster, short-term capital while they wait for loan funds from the Small Business Administration (SBA)” reports According to the company, the traditional process by which small business owners receive SBA funding is lengthy, taking up to 90 days.With the SBAXpress program, however, small businesses can receive short-term capital from Reliant Funding in as quickly as two business days while they wait for the full SBA loan.In its announcement on Tuesday (Jan. 8), Reliant Funding announced the rollout of its SBAXpress program, a way for small business owners to receive up to $250,000 as a “bridge” to a full SBA loan. The government shutdown really has begun to hurt small companies in search of capital.”.

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