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Policy Daily Review June 11, 2019

Policy Daily Review for June 11, 2019

Why ECB Sanctions Will Have Little Long-Term Effect On Debt-Ridden Italy

The European Commission threatened to impose sanctions on Italy because of the country’s high public debt. The policy’s potential effectiveness and market effects are uncertain, according to experts.


Two key players of the Microsoft antitrust trial 20 years ago explain why its lessons will be critical to regulating Google, Amazon, and Facebook

Lawrence Lessig and Alan Kusinitz played prominent roles in the Microsoft antitrust case. They say today’s regulators would be wise to learn from it.


U.S. oil futures finish lower after delay to CME settlement data

U.S. oil futures finished with a loss on Monday, following a more than half hour delay to the day’s settlement. A CME spokesman confirmed the delay, but had…


Japan Govt mid-year policy guidelines draft: To implement flexible macroeconomic policy if risks to economy materialize

Reuters cites the following key headlines from the Japanese Government mid-year policy guidelines draft. To implement flexible macroeconomic policy if


ECB’s Kazimir: Not at a point where more policy tools need to be used

European Central Bank Governing Council member and Slovak central bank chief Peter Kazimir recently crossed the wires arguing that the bank is not at


Italy’s Tria: Government must have clear debt reduction path

Italy’s Economy Minister Tria is now out on the wires, via Reuters, saying that the Italian government must have a clear “dept reduction path.” Key qu


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