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Policy Daily Review July 31, 2019

Policy Daily Review for July 31, 2019

Republican Banking Committee Senators Continue Their Harmful Bank Deregulatory March

Banking Committee Republican senators continue to push their deregulatory agenda. It is one thing to help community banks; it is definitely not necessary to help bigger, more complex banks that can pose a systemic risk. Republican politicians should help taxpayers not big banks.


Fed, ECB Look Set To Embark In Accidentally-Coordinated Interest Rate Cuts

The Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank look set to embark on a similarly-timed new round of interest rate cuts, as the global economy slows in the face of waning U.S. fiscal stimulus and a prolonged U.S.-led trade war.


With PE Backing, Government Contractors Strive For Bigger Awards

Private equity interest in government services businesses is nearing its peak.


Japanese government: Inflation not seen to reach 2% until 2024

The Japanese government, its latest medium-to-long-term economic and fiscal projections, submitted earlier this Wednesday, once again lowered its infl


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