One measure shows Americans have paid an extra $34 billion in tariffs since the start of the trade war with China

“While the White House has often asserted that foreign exporters pay tariffs, study after study has found that costs largely fall on business and consumers” writes Finanzen Net Gmbh for Businesses and consumers in the US have paid an additional $34 billion in tariffs from the start of the trade war in February 2018 through August 2019, according to the free-trade advocacy groups Tariffs Hurt the Heartland and the Trade Partnership.The groups estimated that in August alone, Americans paid $6.5 billion in tariffs.As President Donald Trump escalated a trade dispute with China over the past year and a half, Americans shelled out tens of billions of dollars in tariffs.Tariff collections are expected to increase in the coming months as the Trump administration pressures China to change trade practices perceived as unfair.

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