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Oil Daily Review June 11, 2019

Oil Daily Review for June 11, 2019

Electric Models To Dominate Car Sales By 2040, Wiping Out 13m Barrels A Day Of Oil Demand

The switch to electric transport is a slow burn currently, but it is gathering pace and electric vehicles are set to make up more than half of passenger car sales within two decades, with four out of five buses also being electric. Sales of conventional vehicles may have already peaked, says BNEF.


Gold Bulls Soar, Copper Shorts at Record High, Oil Longs Decline – COT Report

Gold Bulls Soar, Copper Shorts at Record High, Oil Longs Decline – COT Report


U.S. oil futures finish lower after delay to CME settlement data

U.S. oil futures finished with a loss on Monday, following a more than half hour delay to the day’s settlement. A CME spokesman confirmed the delay, but had…


Weekly Trade Levels for US Dollar, Euro, Aussie, Loonie, Gold & Oil…


WTI Crude Oil and Natural Gas Forecast June 11, 2019

The WTI Crude Oil market initially rallied during the open on Monday, reaching towards the $55 level. There was a lot of resistance just below there, so we d…


USO & BIL ETF Demand Driven by Oil Recovery, Rate Cut Odds

A minor recovery in the price of crude oil has spurred investors to pick up shares of the USO ETF while an uncertain outlook for the future has spurred demand for short-term debt.


Gold Price Challenges Resistance; Crude Oil Prices Appear Heavy

Gold prices briefly popped to highest levels in 14 months. Meanwhile, crude oil appears to trade in a bearish impulse wave that is incomplete.


Crude Oil Price Outlook – OPEC Support Confronts Technical Resistance

Crude oil is likely to trade in a reasonably tight trading range over the next few days as positive OPEC production talk underpins oil, while on the charts resistance looks unyielding.


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