Millennials have more money than you think — so expect ESG funds in your 401

“While a mere 6% of seniors were even familiar with ESG investing, a whopping 80% of those aged 23 to 39 were aware of the strategy and 26% had already made ESG investments” writes Meredith Jones for Although less than 10% of 401(k)s currently offer ESG options, large financial firms (think BlackRock, Wells Fargo and Natixis to name a few) are betting that will change and are developing products for the 401(k) marketplace.Other data point to a slightly lower percentage, where millennials comprise 19% of millionaires and Gen X (another strong supporter of responsible investing) another 18%.There are two certainties when discussing responsible investments.Millennials — those born between 1981 and 1996, so making the oldest 37 years old — may be more than big hat, no cattle when it comes to making responsible investments.

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