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Leave voters more likely to live in areas at risk from rise of robots

“Brexit supporters are more likely to live in areas most threatened by the economic impact of automation, according to a study of the impact of robots and artificial intelligence in the workplace” writes Phillip Inman for London boroughs, including the mainly Conservative-voting areas of Wandsworth and Kensington & Chelsea, were the least likely to see jobs automated and were among the most likely to vote remain.In 2015, the Bank of England estimated as many as 15m jobs would need to change or be lost through automation.They were also among the areas that voted in the highest numbers to leave the EU. In Boston, there was a 54% to 58% chance of jobs being automated.A map of the parts of the UK likely to be hit by automation fits more closely with the map of leave voters than any other factor, said the Institute for the Future of Work (IFW).

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