J.J. Abrams Declined Apple’s $500 Million Offer Because it Would Have Restricted Bad Robot Productions to Apple TV+

“Of course, Apple wanted the company to exclusively produce shows and movies that would only be made available on Apple TV + and nowhere else” writes Day Ago On for Ultimately, Abrams decided to stick with WarnerMedia, which offered far less than Apple.Now that Bad Robot remains under WarnerMedia, the company is able to create shows like “Lisey’s Story” and sell it out to other brands, including Apple.A new article by The Hollywood Reporter today sheds light on why director/producer J.J. Abrams declined a big deal with Apple, which would have seen his Bad Robot production company become one of the main creators for exclusive content on Apple TV +.According to sources, Abrams and his wife Katie McGrath wanted to be able to sell Bad Robot’s content to other outlets.Additionally, Bad Robot was concerned about Apple’s lack of a clear theatrical distribution model, which the company as of yet has not needed to dabble in.There are a multitude of other reasons that appear to have ultimately convinced Abrams to remain at WarnerMedia.

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