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Interest in OTC Trading May Become the Springboard for the New Cryptocurrency Market Boom

“According to data collected by Digital Asset Research, the global daily bitcoin OTC trading value is about $250 million” writes Guest User for And the first thing that interests them is OTC trading as an instrument of quick and secure cryptocurrency trading.” He sees a lot of similarities between today’s keen interest in OTC cryptocurrency trading and the industry landscape in late 2017 – early 2018, when the market was burning with fever about Initial Coin Offerings.Over-the-counter trading in digital assets is rapidly gaining popularity with the crypto market players.ICOBox experts believe that the current excitement about OTC trading can be compared to the hype surrounding ICOs in late 2017 – first six months of 2018 and that it may easily trigger the new wave of investors’ interest in the crypto market.Second, crypto exchanges often do not have the necessary funds available, especially when the transaction involves a large amount of cryptocurrency.

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