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IBM, Maersk launch TradeLens for supply chain digitization

“IBM Blockchain has tweeted that they have joined forces with transport and logistics company Maersk to launch TradeLens, a blockchain solution for transparency and real-time updates for supply chain management” writes Cecille De Jesus for We built it from the ground up to serve every player in the global supply chain,” he wrote. “Now we can get parties collaborating who couldn’t before.Among those dabbling in similar ventures are Goldman Sachs, funding cloud-based supply chain company Tradeshift.In a Medium post, Michael White, the head of TradeLens, said that this is a solution to very longstanding problems in the global trade transport sector. “Why am I so ecstatic about this launch?. As someone who had been in the transportation industry for a long time I have seen first-hand the many challenges faced by all entities involved in global trade.

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