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Gold Daily Review November 8, 2019

Gold Daily Review for November 8, 2019

Gold Plunges on US-China Trade Headlines; Trump Tariff Rollback

Headlines crossing the wires on US-China trade talks are pushing risk appetite further as a US Official says the US has agreed to roll back tariffs. Gold breaks below the 1464.00 mark and USDCNH si…


Gold moves lower as stocks push higher – Risk on mode is fully kicking in today

Gold has sunk to print just under USD 1480 per ounce to trade around 0.90% lower as risk-on market conditions prevail. The US and China could be look


Gold futures settle at 3-month low

Gold futures suffered a hefty drop on Thursday, to settle at their lowest since early August. Renewed optimism about a near-term, partial U.S.-China trade…


Gold Forecast November 8, 2019

For additional up-to-date Forex Trading information: News (, Technical Analysis (…


Gold: Range breakdown confirmed as US yields hit three-month highs

Gold is looking south, having witnessed a range breakdown amid the spike in the US treasury yields. The yellow metal is currently trading at $1,468 pe


Gold risk reversals: Call bias weakest since May 31

One-month risk reversals (XAU1MRR) on gold, a gauge of calls to puts, has dropped to the lowest level since May 31, indicating investors are adding be


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