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Gold Daily Review August 29, 2019

Gold Daily Review for August 29, 2019

Gold reverses an early dip, back near $1540 area

Gold reversed an early dip to $1530 area and has now climbed to the top end of its daily trading range. Despite fading optimism over a quick resolutio


Gold and silver ratio has dropped over 10.4% as silver plays catch up

Spot gold prices have petered out in the US session and have been capped at $1,546.90, a touch below the start of the week’s highs for 2019 at $1,555.


Gold retreats below $1,540 as US stocks turn positive on day

After advancing to a session high of $1,547 earlier today, the XAU/USD pair lost its traction in the last couple of hours and erased its daily gains.


Gold Forecast August 29, 2019

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Gold: Fresh risk-off renews buying interest around $1,540

With the latest trade/political headlines renewing risk-off, Gold takes the bids near $1,540 by the press time of early Thursday.


Gold Prices May Rise as Bond Yields Fall on US GDP Downgrade

Gold prices may rise if a revised set of second-quarter US GDP data reveals a larger downgrade than expected, stoking recession fears and pulling down Treasury bond yields.


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