Global growth outlook for 2019 dims for first time: Reuters polls

“BENGALURU (Reuters) – The outlook for global growth in 2019 has dimmed for the first time, according to Reuters polls of economists who said the U.S.-China trade war and tightening financial conditions would trigger the next downturn” writes Midwest Communications Inc for “First, there would be no winners from a global trade war.”A simple dynamic is playing out in the global economy right now: the U.S. is booming, while most of the rest of the world slows or even stagnates.While global growth this year will hold strong, unchanged at July’s 3.8 percent prediction, the consensus for 2019 was 3.6 percent, a cut for the first time since polling began for that period in July 2017.At the start of 2018, optimism about a robust global economic outlook was almost unanimous among respondents.

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