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Futures Daily Review September 10, 2019

Futures Daily Review for September 10, 2019

U.S. Futures Trade Higher On Stimulus Hopes

A series of fresh stimulus from the PBOC and the Fed may push the stocks to a new high


JPY Futures: probable U-turn on the cards

Flash data for JPY futures markets from CME Group noted investors scaled back their open interest positions by around 3.2K contracts at the beginning


GBP Futures: bullish with caution

Open interest in GBP futures markets shrunk by around 4.7K contracts on Monday, reversing 4 consecutive drops according to advanced figures from CME G


EUR Futures: further sideline trading on the cards

In light of preliminary data for EUR futures markets from CME Group, open interest increased for the third session in a row on Monday, this time by ar


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