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Fake MetaMask Crypto Malware Pulled From Google Play After Tipoff

“In July last year, Google developers pulled the app from Google Play altogether, leaving only fake impersonations” writes William Suberg for Decentralized app (DApp) MetaMask is facing fresh problems from cryptocurrency scammers after malware impersonating the tool appeared on Google Play, cybersecurity company Eset reported on Feb. 8. In November, MetaMask confirmed its plans to launch a mobile app, which ended up being the target of the latest malware issue.The malware, which replaces computer clipboard information in an attempt to steal cryptocurrency, was removed by Google at the beginning of the month after a tipoff from Eset researchers.Known as a “Clipper,” the malware replaces copied cryptocurrency wallet addresses with an address belonging to an attacker in the hope that funds will be sent elsewhere without the user noticing.

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