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Daily Telegraph issues correction over PM’s false UK economy claim

“Instead, the Telegraph admitted the claim was based on Johnson looking at a real economic forecast from the inter-governmental OECD organisation and predicting himself how the trends would continue” writes Jim Waterson for As a result, on the current predictions, even when Johnson is 94 years old the British economy would still be lagging some way behind its continental counterpart.The newspaper said that Johnson misrepresented long-term economic projections to give the impression that the British economy would overtake Germany “in our lifetimes” – despite no such data existing.As a result, the claim “was the columnist’s own extrapolation of this data beyond the timeframe of the forecast”, the newspaper said.The Daily Telegraph has been forced to correct a column written by Boris Johnson, after he falsely claimed the UK is set to “become the largest and most prosperous economy in this hemisphere”.

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