China plots to block US military from key ports, Pentagon warns

“China aims to thwart the U.S. military from using strategically significant ports around the world, U.S. officials and analysts said yesterday” reports Military officials agreed that China is trying to crowd Americans out of the ports at the chokepoints of global shipping. “We just have to be present there — not just watching but actually present,” said Air Force Lt.”First, the dual commercial and military uses of these assets; second, that the debt incurred by these countries will tie them to China in ways that will facilitate China’s international pursuits and potentially inhibit U.S. overseas operations.”. China sees the port in Djibouti, which also hosts an American port, as a “test case” for how to militarize other ports around the world, according to the Pentagon adviser. “I’ve talked to the Chinese military, personally, about this issue they have aspiration to do so,” Sbragia said. “That is a first step, it’s not the last step.”.

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