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Blockchain Voting Systems — Can Democracy Rely on Them?

“However, to better understand the frailties of blockchain-based voting systems, Cointelegraph reached out to Barry Gitarts, one of the implementing developers of the voting decentralized application (DApp) for the Status network” writes Shiraz Jagati for Lloyd then went on to add: Ivanitskiy also mentioned that this past September, a blockchain voting system was used for the city of Moscow’s parliamentary election.In his opinion, the question is not really about the reliability of blockchain-based voting systems in general but rather the transparency of the Voatz app itself.Ivanitskiy then added: It is important to distinguish between blockchain technology and the applications that make use of this framework.Related: US Moves Closer to Accepting Blockchain, Still Uncertain Over Crypto In the United States, a total of 18 states have, in some form or another, introduced legislation related to blockchain technology.

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