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Bitcoin News Digest Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Value Of Bitcoin: An Economist’s Assessment Of Why 10k Won’t Be Enough

Traditional approaches to understanding the value of bitcoin as money have failed. In this article we explore how function, faith and the availability of alternative assets will keep bitcoin trading above $10,000 in the future.


Europol Shuts Down Counterfeiting Ring Which Sold $1.44M for Bitcoin

Five figures arrested over scheme police say was one of the most sophisticated ever seen in Europe


Bitcoin Consolidates Above $10.2K After Failed Price Breakout

Bitcoin (BTC) is lacking clear directional bias at press time, having failed to capitalize on a bullish breakout on Monday.

The top cryptocurrency ha


Bitcoin’s hashrate rises to even higher levels

The mining hashrate is a measure of the current amount of computational power expended to mine new blocks, and it has hit a new all-time high.


Bitcoin Is a Truth Machine, Says Gold Bullion International Co-Founder

Bitcoin, as a truth machine, is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, according to Gold Bullion International co-founder Dan Tapiero


Japan: Bitcoin Surpasses XRP in Yen-Denominated Crypto Holdings

As of April 2019, the value of yen-denominated Bitcoin holdings has outstripped those in XRP on domestic exchanges


Bitcoin Slips as SEC Says A Lot Needs to Be Done Before Approving ETF – Bitcoin prices slipped as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said a lot needs to be done before it could approve a Bitcoin ETF.


Bitcoin Price (BTC) Is Slowly Turning Sell On Rallies

Bitcoin price is currently trading in a range below $10,500 against the US Dollar. BTC could decline further if it continues to struggle below the $10,500 level.


Will More Bitcoin Futures Be Big For Markets, or Are They Bad News?

Looking back at when derivatives products were launched for other asset classes may offer some insight as to what will happen to Bitcoin markets. Analysts


Next Bitcoin Bull Market Could Take Years, So How Long To Next Peak?

Long term price predictions for Bitcoin are always positive since very few industry analysts see things going south for the technology. This year has been


Market Mostly Trades Sideways as Bitcoin Price Holds Above $10,300

The price of Bitcoin is holding above the $10,300 price mark as the market is mostly trading sideways today


Looking Towards the Bitcoin Halving: Will BTC Price Pump in 2020?

The number of BTC awarded to miners for adding blocks to the Bitcoin blockchain is set to decrease next year. These so-called halving events occur about


Comparing Bitcoin to PayPal Makes no Sense

Comparing Bitcoin to other online money transfer services is virtually pointless. It is like comparing apples with oranges, as there will never be any


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