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Bitcoin News Digest Thursday, August 1, 2019 Set to Launch Exchange with Rewards for Pre-Registration

The Exchange is set to launch on Monday, September 2. Base pairs include Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Core (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) & Tether (USDT). Users who pre-register will receive rewards including discounted trading fees and the chance to win prizes worth over $10,000.


Bitcoin Lightning Wallets Are Gaining Traction in 2019

Lightning usage is growing steadily in 2019, with several startups now offering retail-friendly wallets.


China ranks Ethereum, EOS and Tron way above Bitcoin

In its latest evaluation of 37 cryptocurrencies, a Chinese research institute has once again put EOS at the top.


Bitcoin Price on the Rise After First Fed Rate Cut Since 2008

Bitcoin (BTC) has eked out moderate gains amid the U.S. Federal Reserve’s announcement of its first rate cut in over a decade.

The top cryptocurren


Bitcoin Passes New Milestone as Network Mines 85% of Its Total Supply

7,850,000 bitcoins have now passed through the mining process, leaving just 3.15 million more


Why bitcoin needs a new symbol

Bitcoin’s signature “₿” only became part of Unicode in 2017. Now, the crypto community is crowdsourcing a symbol for a smaller denomination.


Bitcoin Price Dips Below $10K as BTC Shrugs Off Its First Fed Rate Cut

Cryptocurrency traders showed their excitement as the U.S. enacted its first interest rate cut since Bitcoin’s creation.


‘Building’ Bitcoin’s Software Just Got a Bit More Trustless

Like it or not, there’s a bit of trust involved in the process of setting up, or “compiling,” the software at the heart of bitcoin – but a rec


Pre-Register for’s New Crypto Exchange to Win Bitcoin Cash Prizes

This Sept. we’re launching our very own exchange with over 50 trading pairs and we’re starting pre-registrations to get a head start before we open.


Bitcoin Will Make Peter Schiff Kick Himself: Gold Bug Debates Pompliano

The latest mainstream media debate involving cryptocurrency delivered a bold prediction for the future of finance


Bitcoin Price Analysis: Can We Still Expect another June Like Bitcoin Rally before this Year Ends?

Bitcoin, the father of all crypt coins, have been through a roller-coaster ride in this year. In the initial few months of 2019, the coin maintained a


Fed Rate Cut Was NEVER Going to Spark a Bitcoin Rally

Despite bitcoin bulls insisting that an interest rate cut is good for the cryptocurrency, the truth is the two are entirely unrelated.


Bitcoin Price (BTC/USD) Correcting Gains, Dips Remain Supported

Recently, there was a nice upward move in bitcoin price above $10,000 against the US Dollar. BTC price retested the main $10,200 resistance level and it is currently correcting gains.


Bitcoin Has ‘No Intrinsic Value,’ As U.K. ‘Moves Towards’ Crypto Ban

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency regulation has been pushed into the limelight over recent weeks, thanks to social media giant Facebook’s high profile plans to launch its own potential rival to bitcoin sometime next year…


Crypto Market Cap & Bitcoin Climbing Higher: BCH, Litecoin, ADA, TRX Analysis

The crypto market cap and bitcoin (BTC) are climbing higher steadily. Ethereum (ETH), LTC, BCH, EOS, cardano, ripple, TRX, XLM and BNB are likely to recover further.


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