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Bitcoin News Digest Friday, May 31, 2019

The Bitcoin Price Has Skyrocketed Over The Past Month For These 3 Reasons

Susquehanna’s Bart Smith shared three reasons behind the bitcoin price run-up on CNBC’s Squawk Box.


Bitcoin Price Looks Poised for Pullback But June Could Revive Rally

Bitcoin is teasing short-term bearish reversal at the onset of the historically good month of June.

The premiere cryptocurrency is currently trading


Bitcoin Starting to Show Signs Of Local Peak, Crypto Collapse Inbound

Bitcoin (BTC) may have tapped $9,100 on Thursday, rallying by 5% within minutes, but analysts are starting to fear that the crypto market is cooling…


Bitcoin’s resurgence could help fuel the next rally in chip stock Advanced Micro

The semis have been crushed this month, but one stock remains in the green: Advanced Micro. Its next major rally hinges on bitcoin, says one analyst.


Bitcoin as healthy as ever as the network hits all-time high mining difficulty

Bitcoin is having a very good week – both in terms of price and the stability of its blockchain – as the network hits an all-time high mining difficulty.


Bitcoin Dumps 11 Percent in Hours, Has the Big BTC Pullback Started?

The moment Bitcoin hit $9k it instantly recoiled like a reaction from a bee sting. The following candles sent BTC down a thousand dollars.


Bitcoin (BTC) Price Falls 10% in Under Six Hours

On Thursday (May 30), between 15:30 UTC and 16:00 UTC, the Bitcoin (BTC) price went up from $8,744 to $9,046. Sadly, Bitcoin Hodlers’ joy at the price breaking the $9,000 resistance level for the first time in 2019 was short-lived because within 10 minutes, the price had fallen $8,679 and kept falling.


Crypto Avalanche Continues as Bitcoin Correction Concerns Mount

Crypto markets correcting hard; BSV, BCH, bleeding, double digit losses for ADA, Tron, IOTA and Tezos. Market Wrap Following another 2019 high, Bitcoin Crypto markets correcting hard; BSV, BCH, bleeding, double digit losses for ADA, Tron, IOTA and Tezos.


Bitcoin Adoption Is Ghost: Hardly Anyone Uses BTC for Payments, Bloomberg Says

An analytical company Chainalysis shows that hardly anyone utilizes Bitcoin as means of payment, preferring to see it as a store of value and ‘hodl


Bitcoin (BTC) Price Nosedives: Is This The Start Of Major Correction?

Bitcoin price failed near the $9,000 level and declined sharply against the US Dollar. BTC is currently trading in a bearish zone, with a risk of a drop towards the $7,880 support.


Bitcoin Drops Below $8K After Hitting Yearly High, But for How Long?

Bitcoin price finally made it to $9,000. But the celebration was short-lived and a sharp drop followed before anyone could celebrate.


Bitcoin (BTC) At $1,000,000 Still In Play, Says Venture Capitalist

Bitcoin Bulls Are Back With the recent action in the crypto markets, Bitcoin (BTC) bulls have returned. Gone are the days when people were calling for the


Bloomberg – Are you a robot?

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Only 3 Months Exist Where Buying Bitcoin Resulted in Losses

Bitcoin was created in the wake of the global financial crisis and great recession, by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, seeking to empower humanity with


Malaysian Prime Minister Proposes Gold-Backed Currency, But Why Not Bitcoin?

The Prime Minister of Malaysia has called for a gold-backed currency for international settlement. Has no one told him about Bitcoin?


Cryptocurrency Broker Client Reportedly Aims to Acquire 25% of All Bitcoin Supply

Digital currency investment firm Dadiani Syndicate has reportedly been approached by a wealthy client to buy as close to 25% of the bitcoin supply as possible.


Billionaire Investor: Bitcoin Likely to Consolidate Between $7k and $10k; Will BTC Plunge Lower?

One billionaire investor recently explained that he believes Bitcoin will begin consolidating between $7,000 and $10,000, which may mean BTC will drop lower


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