Binance Offers Lifetime VIP Membership to KYC Leak Victims

“Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it will offer a lifetime VIP membership to all its users affected by the recent Know Your Customer (KYC) images leak on the platform” writes Liam Frost for Binance announced the leak on Aug. 7, stating that an unidentified individual threatened the platform and demanded 300 bitcoins (BTC) in exchange for withholding over 10,000 photographs of purported Binance KYC data.The exchange’s security and investigations team is purportedly trying to identify the source of KYC images similar to those leaked by an unidentified hacker.Cryptocurrency exchanges often require users to submit an image of themselves presenting credentials in order to verify their identity. Binance also states that some of the leaked images overlap with the images that were processed by a third party vendor the exchange contacted several times from early December 2018 to late February 2019.

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