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Australian GDP growth may slow, but AUD/USD remains bullish

“A mediocre growth rate of 0.4% or lower would already cause a rethink. 0.4% QoQ is below 2% annualized and could push the yearly growth rate to around 3% or below” writes Yohay’s Google Profile for All in all, the Aussie is enjoying an uptrend and a slowdown in growth is unlikely to change that.Australia publishes its Gross Domestic Product for the third quarter of 2018 on Wednesday, December 5th, at 00:30 GMT. The Australian economy enjoyed a robust growth rate of 0.9% QoQ and 3.4% YoY in Q2.So, if data meets expectations, there is a higher chance that the Aussie will continue higher.In its fresh rate decision for December, the Reserve Bank of Australia did not rock the boat or make any noteworthy changes to the wording about growth.

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