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Algoz to Provide Trading Strategy Services to UltraAlpha Users

“Digital asset management platform UltrAlpha has partnered with Algoz to receive its long/short alpha links trading strategy service” writes Arnab Shome for With its professional asset management service, UltrAlpha is focusing on both asset managers and accredited investors in the digital asset trading space.Earlier this year, the company also partnered with multiple crypto companies to provide liquidity services for the trading of their digital currencies.With the boom in the crypto market, the fintech firm extended its reach towards the digital asset industry in 2016 by setting up AlgoZ to provide various financial solutions such as market making, brokerage, and over-the-counter (OTC) services.The platform also launched its native UAT tokens for transactions within its ecosystem. “Unlike traditional finance, digital asset management is still a young and growing business, but the industry is clearly seeing a strong trend towards the adaptation.

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