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The Team

Andriy ZhmayloAndriy Zhmaylo – Site owner and independent trader. Trades currencies and commodities using both discretionary and quantitative methods. Develops trading systems with Python and MQL4 on top of the world leading trading platforms, API and data source providers such as MetaTrader, Dukascopy, Oanda, Quandl, Yahoo Finance, Google and others.


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The Site

On our site we provide:

  • Weekly Summary CFTC Commitment of Traders and signals for currencies and commodities http://zentrade.online/tag/cot/
  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange Daily Bulletin Summary on Option Expiry Levels with maximal open interest http://zentrade.online/tag/cme/
  • News coverage for stock, commodity and currency markets with featured trading session heads-up updates at the beginning of Sydney, Tokyo, Frankfurt, London and New York http://zentrade.online/category/news/
  • Analytics and overview for cryptocurrencies, trading tools, strategies and platforms.


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