12 companies qualify to implement solar power plants in NAC

“Twelve companies have qualified to install solar cells on the roofs of 64 buildings in the new administrative capital (NAC)” writes Mohamed Farag for The area of the first phase of the NAC is 40,000 feddan, which includes a number of residential, commercial, administrative projects, a governmental district, a diplomatic district, and a business and financial district.The sources pointed out that the administrative capital company cooperated with one of the consulting offices to prepare a short list eligible for implementation after studying the file of each company.Eligible companies were invited to submit technical and financial bids for the installation of 15 MW solar power plants in government buildings in the NAC on 16 October, the sources said, with companies submitting two closed envelopes, one technical and one financial.The New Administrative Capital Urban Development Company announced the tender for the installation of solar cells on the roofs of the capital buildings as part of its plan to rely on clean electricity.

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