Tracing Supply Chain Payment Delays Back To Data Bottlenecks

“For supply chain professionals, insights and predictability fall by the wayside when data cannot be adequately integrated and analyzed, no matter how good that data is” reports In a survey conducted last year by CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly, most professionals said they are at least moderately satisfied with the availability and integrity of their data.Shannon Vaillancourt, founder and president of supply chain data management firm RateLinx, told PYMNTS that this type of Big Data barrier is often the root cause of payment delays and wasted spend in organizations’ supply chains and logistics processes. “Collecting data is the easy part,” he said. “Integrating it together so you have one picture of everything, that’s the difference.In the age of Big Data, global supply chains quickly flocked to analytics solutions that offered predictability and agility in a market swayed by geopolitical shifts, regulatory risks and even the weather.This causes carriers to be millions of dollars behind in payments in a short period of time.” These pain points can be experienced by anyone within the supply chain, large and small, and the knock-on effects (particularly as they relate to cash flow down the supply chain) can be profound.

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