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Tokyo Trading Session Heads Up Monday, March 12, 2018

Tokyo opening news digest

The Method And The Madness Of Trump’s Tariff Scheme

Trump’s ploy of dangling the threat of steel and aluminum tariffs combines (i) an across-the-board, multilateral approach and (ii) a set of bilateral exemptions to be negotiated by-country. It’s clever but a timebomb nonetheless. One that has huge downside risks for the U.S. and the world economy.


The Market Is Worth 10, 15, Or Even 20 Times Earnings

Yes! Yes! No! Freud once called himself ‘One of those who have disturbed the sleep of the world.’ Today, it’s Trump’s turn. While you’ll find a solid consensus on earnings advancement for the S&P 500 Index, there’s near dead silence on an appropriate multiplier, the P/E ratio.


USD/JPY Rate Forecast: Tight March Range May Have Found Catalyst

The political legitimacy of PM Shinzo Abe may trigger risk aversion and a stronger JPY while institutions look to potential of 100 JPY per USD


FX Overbought/Oversold: Commodity FX Overbought Amidst Broad Downtrend

Traders can look to technical extremes on short-term momentum dynamics to spot opportunities. Currently, the Australian Dollar is flashing red in this respect.


President Trump blocks the $117 billion Broadcom takeover of Qualcomm on national security grounds

The president issued an executive order blocking the acquisition on Monday.


Trump blocks Broadcom acquisition of Qualcomm

President Donald Trump signed an executive order late Monday that blocks Broadcom Ltd.’s AVGO, +3.57% acquisition of Qualcomm Inc. QCOM, -0.35% citing


House Republicans say no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion, end probe

Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee said late Monday they had found no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russians, and


AT&T CEO makes 366 times the average worker

AT&T Inc. T, +0.84% Chief Executive Randall Stephenson received $28.7 million in compensation in 2017, which the company said Monday was 366 times the


Cheer Up


Q: What will happen if the DOW average falls any further?
A: They’ll add a N to the end of it!


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Have a nice trading!

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