Theresa May To Host Meeting On Post-Brexit Powers For Wales And Scotland

“Theresa May will meet Scottish and Welsh leaders in Downing Street on Wednesday in a bid to resolve a dispute over devolved powers after Brexit” writes Kate Forrester for First ministers Nicola Sturgeon and Carwyn Jones will be updated on the government’s negotiations, including a clause of the EU Withdrawal Bill which would see some – but not all – powers transferred from the EU directly to Holyrood and the Senedd.The government wants to temporarily restrict law-making by the Scottish and Welsh governments over at least 24 EU powers which will be returned to the UK post-March 2019, including a range of environmental issues – which the devolved governments oppose. Speaking ahead of the meeting, May said the “vast majority” of repatriated powers would be returned to the countries. “At this important meeting with the devolved administrations, I will be making clear my commitment to a deal that brings our country together, protects the security and prosperity of all our communities and business sectors, and reinforces our union of nations,” she said.

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