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The man replacing Boris Johnson as Britain’s foreign secretary lobbied against Brexit

“Two years ago, just after the Brexit vote, the controversy around Hunt seemed to reach a boiling point as speculations emerged that May had fired, then reinstated him as health secretary, BBC reported” writes Rebecca Tan for Over the past two years, former British foreign secretary Boris Johnson earned global recognition as the poster boy for Brexit, appearing on magazine covers and news programs to make the case for Britain to leave the European Union.And despite his public change of position, Hunt’s critics aren’t sure he’s up to the task given his history as a Remain campaigner and his controversial legacy as health minister.We need more, we need more.’ ” During his five years as health secretary, Hunt also weathered multiple controversies, including protests calling for more funding for the National Health Service, accusations from health-care professionals that he provided “potentially fatal” medical advice to the public and Britain’s first all-out strike by junior doctors.

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