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Reduced Bitcoin Futures Volatility Offers a Glimpse of Hope to Long-term Speculators

“The general interest in Bitcoin futures contracts is not where it should be” writes Jp Buntinx for In the week ending on October 26th, Bitcoin futures were the least volatile since being introduced.One can look at the futures volatility decline as a sign of maturity.This also has an effect on the volatility associated with Bitcoin futures.This is a positive sign that might hint at future price growth. Source: Share This:

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Crypto Markets News CEO: Institutional Crypto Investors Will Offload Risks to Speculators

“Bharath spoke of how he believes that institutional investors will make their way into the crypto space, and how the regulatory landscape is shaping the blockchain industry” reports The Summit is a leading crypto and forex event that will take place at the Old Billingsgate from November 13th to 14th.That’s because we have commodities markets for these goods.” “In countries which don’t have this, prices will vary and swivel. Source: Share This:

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Vancouver, B.C., tries again to thwart foreign real-estate speculators

“So more supply would definitely help, but Vancouver is an epicenter for foreign real-estate speculation” writes Special To The for The 15 percent tax on a home purchase price is being raised to 20 percent, plus an additional tax on speculators.In 2016, Vancouver, B.C., instituted a 15 percent tax on foreign buyers of real estate, an effort to dampen speculation that was driving housing prices to some of the highest levels in North America. Source: Share This:

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Young South Koreans Invested in Cryptocurrency For Hope, Lost Nearly Half of Their Money

“This is an optimistic trend for the entire cryptocurrency market, and it will allow major cryptocurrencies to regain momentum for more robust mid-term and long-term growth” reports Over the past six months, the vast majority of South Korea’s youth and millennials have invested thousands of dollars in the cryptocurrency market, with hopes to make big returns in the short-term.Consequently, many millennials have entered the cryptocurrency market, not necessarily to make a quick buck, but as a glimmer of hope. “I didn’t want a fortune.Long-term corrections–as in the cryptocurrency market,…

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Vancouver, B.C.’s hot housing market getting more expensive for foreign buyers

“Vancouver, B.C., one of the hottest housing markets in North America, is getting a little tougher for wealthy Chinese buyers” writes Bloomberg News for The foreign buyers’ tax will also be extended beyond the Vancouver region to properties in Victoria and other parts of the province.The province has asked the federal government to create a multiagency group to target tax evasion, money laundering and housing, according to budget documents.James vowed that investors flipping pre-sale condos will have to pay tax.The new speculator tax takes effect this fall and will…

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Bond speculators’ bearish bets reveal confidence in Fed hikes, ballooning issuance to fund tax cuts

“Analysts say tax cuts could widen the budget deficit, prompting the Treasury Department to up the amount of new issuance” writes Sunny Oh for With tax cuts likely comes a greater need for Treasury issuance, depressing prices and adding to upward pressure on yields.See: Why the bond market isn’t freaking out from the Fed’s shift to quantitative tightening The overall rise in bond yields has also been driven by strong economic data.They’re also guessing that despite the prospect of rising borrowing costs, a bullish stock market may instead bask…

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Global hedge funds are turning their backs on tech stocks

“My how the tide has turned for tech stocks” writes Joe Ciolli for Companies like the so-called FANG group — which includes Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google — received loads of credit for pushing stock indexes to new records.Until recently, the industry was viewed as the indispensable driver of the equity market.What’s more, investors have pulled roughly $US900 million from exchange-traded funds tracking tech stocks in the past week alone, the biggest outflow for any industry, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.This surprising development is best explained by the…

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Oil prices ease as speculators grow impatient

“December Brent crude futures were down 7 cents at $58.05 a barrel at 1045 GMT, having lost almost 2.5 percent on Monday” reports Oil prices climbed last week on tension in Iraqi Kurdistan after the region’s independence vote, with Turkey threatening to close a pipeline that brings oil from the region in northern Iraq to the Mediterranean.Oil edged lower on Tuesday, as speculators took profits on some large positions that have built up in the last couple of weeks, but the prospect of gradually ebbing oversupply lent support.Money managers…

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Bitcoin Halts Decline After Plunging on China’s Coin Offerings Ban

“Cryptocurrency still up more than 50 percent since July Bitcoin steadied after its biggest drop since June as investors and speculators reappraised the outlook for initial coin offerings” writes Todd White for The cryptocurrency pared a decline of as much as 6 percent on Tuesday and was at $4,390 as of 9:39 am. in London.For a deeper look at China’s regulatory moves against new bitcoin, click here. China’s central bank on Monday said initial coin offerings are illegal and asked all related fundraising activity to be halted immediately, issuing…

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