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As Bitcoin Hits $15K, a Warning From Dante’s Inferno

“Meanwhile, one unfortunate bitcoin headline today: The AP reports Slovenian bitcoin mining company NiceHash was hacked, and $70 million in bitcoin may have been stolen” writes Kate Seamons for As the AP earlier reported, the CME Group, which owns the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, got the OK on Friday to begin trading bitcoin futures on Dec. 18; CBOE Global Markets will do so as well. Source: Share This:

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Grenfell death toll may fall as ‘fraudsters have invented missing loved ones’

“The death toll from Grenfell Tower may fall because some of those missing have been invented by fraudsters, the police have revealed” writes Patrick Minford for There are eight people who have either been charged or are under investigation for fraud in relation to the inferno which ripped through the west London fire block. Commander Stuart Cundy said that 60 individuals have now been formally identified as losing their lives in the inferno on June 14 and whilst finger tip searches remain ongoing they expect the death toll to fall…

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How will the world’s hottest city survive climate change?

“They can avoid the outdoors altogether, escaping the inferno by sheltering in malls, cars and office buildings, where temperatures are kept polar-cold” writes Ruth Michaelson for Though labour legislation now bans work outdoors between 12pm and 4pm, many are seen toiling through the hottest hours of the day regardless.Around 99% of the country’s fresh water comes from desalination, itself an energy-intensive process currently heavily dependent on oil. Source: Share This:

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