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Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings Loves EOS but Hates…

“One altcoin that has seen tremendous interest over the last few weeks is EOS. However, not all is golden as Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings said that, while they love the coin, they hate its centralization” writes Jeffrey Francis for There are only 21 block producers for the platform, and each individual token allows its holder to vote for 30 different block producers. Source: Share This:

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Is Proof-of-Work a Major Problem for Bitcoin’s Future?

“With mining centralization becoming a real problem, such a change is not necessarily a bad thing” writes Carla Delastella for As such, we regularly see reports of how inefficient and wasteful Bitcoin mining really is.As long as the reliance on proof-of-work remains in place, centralization will remain a pressing threat.It controls the hashrate, the mining hardware production, and most mining pools as well. Source: Share This:

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