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BitMEX Launches a Segwit and Bigger Bitcoin Blocks Prediction Market

“The prediction market is not necessarily indicative of the level of support for either segwit or bigger blocks as traders are betting on activation” reports BitMEX, a digital currencies exchange that offers 100x futures on bitcoin, ethereum and other currencies, today announced they are to launch two new prediction markets related to the bitcoin scalability debate.Arthur Hayes, BitMEX’s co-founder, told CCN: We are launching these markets because we are committed to providing price discovery on issues that are important to the Bitcoin trading community.It may, therefore, assist in suggesting…

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Fibonacci Time Zone predicts Bitcoin highs and lows Crypto 

Who-sells-first-sells-best time for Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a sell now. Where is next stop? When to expect the local minimum? Let’s speculate. Fundamentals Both China and US compete with each other in devaluation race. Both consider Bitcoin an adverse factor for their currency games. PBOC has started first by weighing its war against ‘Big three’ exchanges that already has started a Great Unwind with liquidity pull-out that hit Chinese market, promising not to limit itself in its measures against cryptocurrency and yet it is remain to be seen how far Chinese government is ready to…

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Bulls are making their best within next 7 hours Crypto 

Bitcoin/USD price action analysis (BITMEX Perpetual Swap, XBTUSD) update 20170204

During next 7 hours, bitcoin bulls will make their best to pump the price at the highest possible levels before next 8% difficulty increase that is expected soon. Technically the rally looks exhausted that opens downside risks for the cryptocurrency. If bulls fail to push up to 1135 during next 36 hours, the level 620 will be open. Time to look for attractive short entry. Share This:

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BITMEX — Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange

What is BITMEX? BITMEX — Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange is a Bitcoin derivatives exchange, versatile trading platform and state of art market access API. What is traded at BITMEX? BITMEX Contract types Perpetual Swap Contract BITMEX Perpetual Swap contract combines advantages of futures and spot markets. Unlike futures contracts it does not expire while closely tracks underlying price index, resembling spot market mechanics. Unique feature of this contract’s type is its funding component that provides an additional boost in profits. This type of contracts is suitable for continuous profit taking via proper…

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Bitmex trading strategies Crypto Strategies 

BITMEX Trading Strategies

Introduction This basic information can be useful for those traders who would like to start trading at BITMEX. Basic strategies Based on capital available, Bitcoin volatility, your risk management and trading style define your strategy: Perpetual Swap: Scalping/Swing trading. Best suited for agile traders with small capital and minimal market exposure who are willing to take high risks in exchange for quick profits. Procedure is simple and resembles spot trading: identify entry point and leverage, set your limit and stop orders accordingly. Take your profit or loss. Done. Perpetual Swap:…

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BTC/USD Weekly 201701013 Crypto 

Bitcoin/USD price action analysis (BITMEX Perpetual Swap, XBTUSD) update 20170113

Monthly Perspective Bitcoin price action climax, perfectly coordinated with the Fibonacci Time Zone has been reached in January 2017. Next climax 1593 USD (1.618 Fibo of the previous impulse) expected in November 2017. Currently it is holding major support 0.5 Fib of the five-wave impulse at 710 USD, although further decline down to 0.618 Fib (599 USD) cannot be ruled out. Weekly Perspective On weekly chart the price has rolled down to the 2/1 Gann angle, heading down to strong support zone at 3/1 Gann angle and 0.786 Fib of…

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