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Sydney Trading Session Heads Up Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Sydney opening news digest

Tax cut triggers $437 billion explosion of stock buybacks

It shattered the record set just three months earlier.


The oil market’s shock absorbers are nearly gone

The world was awash in crude oil just two years ago. Now there’s barely enough to meet the unquenchable thirst for energy.


Bitcoin is down 66%. But it still may be the future of money

The price of one bitcoin is now hovering around $6,400. That’s a more than 50% drop in 2018 and a 66% plunge from the all-time high.


Wall Street has Trump whiplash

President Donald Trump’s pro-business agenda is in an epic battle — with his anti-business instincts.


The United States could be spared the worst in a trade war

Mohamed El-Erian thinks a trade war will hurt the global economy. But it’ll hurt the United States less than others.


Tesla is going big in China

It has ambitious plans to produce 500,000 cars a year there — without a Chinese partner.


“The Detroit of Asia”: How Thailand became an auto industry hub

Harley-Davidson announced in March that it was moving some manufacture operations to Thailand. But — why Thailand? The Southeast Asian nation has actually been a stronghold for automotive manufacture for decades.


Bugatti to reveal $6 million supercar

Bugatti, the French manufacturer that makes the $3 million Chiron supercar, plans to unveil a new $6 million car called Divo.


The last Sears in Chicago is closing

Sears is closing its final store in Chicago, the city it called home for more than a century.


China is owning the future of cars. German automakers want in

German automakers know the future of their industry is electric, autonomous and in China.


Pepsi stock pops on strong snack sales

Pepsi reported profits that topped Wall Street’s forecasts because of solid sales from its Frito-Lay unit and healthy demand from China and other overseas markets.


Whole Foods announces its Prime Day deal

The Amazon-owned grocery chain is offering Prime members a $10 credit to use during the 36-hour Prime Day extravaganza when they spend $10 or more at


Earnings Preview: What To Expect From JPMorgan Chase On Friday

JPMorgan is expected to earn $2.23/share on $27.66 billion in revenue. Meanwhile, the so-called Whisper number is $2.32.


What Factors Will Drive Growth For Zynga’a Advertising Business?

Zynga’s (NASDAQ:ZNGA) Advertising segment accounts for more than 15% of the company’s value, according to our estimates. Besides virtual goods and paid downloads, Zynga also makes money through advertising services by helping marketers reach and engage with their audience in a targeted manner…


We Need To Start Talking About Post-Employment Benefits

As conversations surrounding unfunded pension liabilities increase, we miss out on another looming cost: Other Post Employment Benefits (OPEB) liabilities. What are OPEBs, and how bad is the unfunded liability?


Has The Media Overinflated The Risks Of A China Trade War?

The trade war between China and the U.S. can always escalate, but for now, China is losing.


This 6.8% Dividend Won’t Be Cheap For Long

It’s here again: another stock downturn.

But don’t worry, because today I’m going to show you a “1-click” way to profit from it (and collect a nice 6


Lula, Brazil’s First Jailbird President

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva “almost” got out of jail this weekend. His near-escape antics are mainly meant for the foreign press.


10 Cheap Stocks To Buy Now

We are all geniuses, of course. Yet it’s surprising how hard it is even for skilled investors to outperform a reasonably well-designed naïve stock-pic


Clarín: Argentina’s Vampire Squid

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? In Argentina, it becomes Grupo Clarín, the media giant that has now become a regional telecommunications juggernaut.


What This Navient Lawsuit Means For Your Student Loans

Here’s what the latest Navient lawsuit means for your student loans.


Why The Cloud Is A Risky Business

There is no doubt that “Cloud Transition” is one of the most disruptive trends of our modern times: 77% of enterprises are going to the cloud. And 59% are already there. Question is: what’s the best way to get there and succeed?


Stocks This Week: Trading The Dow Stocks In The Third Quarter

Longer-term monthly cycles are yielding strong signals on Dow stocks. Here are the signals on Disney, Marck and the recently departed General Electric.


Forecasting This Market? Good Luck

Mixed signals cloud the outlook for the market, though beware of pundit forecasts, which have a bad record.


How To Trade The 8 ‘Dogs of the Dow,’ Which Outperformed The Dow In June

The ‘Dogs of the Dow’ for 2018 outdid the market average in June. Here’s how to trade these eight stocks now.


How To Afford Living To 100 — And Yes, That Might Be You

An enormous number of people are living to be very old. You may be one of them, at some point. How can you get ready for that financially?


An Elixir For Argentina’s Fiscal Dysfunction

Argentina and its peso are in trouble, again. By officially replacing the peso with the U.S. dollar, Argentina’s peso nightmare would end. But, in a country in which fiscal fiddlers know many tricks, some fiscal rules must also be added to the prescription.


Public Schools Scramble To Absorb Hurricane Maria Evacuees, Hoping Money Will Follow

Public schools across the US have experienced dramatic increases in enrollment as thousands of Puerto Ricans relocated to the mainland following the devastation of Hurricane Maria, according to a recent Debtwire Investigations report.


Cryptos Are Gaining Credibility — But Can You Really Make Money?

Successful investing requires a clear path toward realizing a return.


Trade Disputes No Match For A U.S. Fiscal Stimulus That ‘Dwarfs Tariffs’

Fiscal stimulus is bigger than the danger from tariff increases, but investors should not totally discount a trade war.


China Tariff Support Remains Relatively High

And yet another money manager doubts a trade war with the Chinese.


Higher Inflation Means Yields Must Play Catch-Up — Or Else Remain In Stocks’ Dust

Without higher interest rates, net real returns will continue to grossly under-compensate fixed income investors.


Is Student Loan Forgiveness Worth It?

Is student loan forgiveness your “get out of debt” card?


Why Hold Bonds In The Current Market?

With rates expected to rise further, does it make sense to have bonds in a portfolio?


How To Trade The FANG Stocks In July

Here is a guide to trading the FANG stocks in July.


Why Verizon Is A Great Value Play: It’s Not Doing An AT&T-Time Warner

Verizon’s stock is dogging it, but the telecom giant is a good value play because it has avoided the temptation of expanding beyond its core competency. As has, ahem, AT&T with its purchase of Time Warner.


Madison Square Garden To Explore Spin-Off Of Its Sports Businesses

On June 27, The Madison Square Garden Company announced that its Board of Directors has authorized the company’s management to explore a possible spin-off of its sports businesses into a separately traded public company.


Don’t Judge Preferreds By 2008-2009 Performance

Income investors who consider only the evidence of the Great Recession may go into the next one with too small an allocation to preferreds.


Caution: Ignore This Bull Market At Your Own Risk

Market volatility is providing opportunities to buy stocks like this one at discounts.


Stock Market Says China A Loser In ‘Trade War’

Shanghai Stock Exchange enters bear territory. U.S. stock market winning the ‘trade war’.


Trump’s Tiff With Canada Could Give America’s Cannabis Industry A Jolt

Canada is legalizing pot and gaining a foothold as the center of the cannabis world. This will drive investment opportunities, job creation and growth. Will the U.S. sit by and let Canada become the leader in this fast-growing industry? The recent trade spat suggests it may not.


With $4.6B Sale EdR, Greystar Make 2018 The Year Of Real Estate Mergers

It’s beginning to feel like 2007: REIT sector experiencing elevated merger and acquisition activity.


The Stock-Lending Bonanza In Your ETF

How some funds get their portfolio management costs below zero.


Kazakhstan Opens Astana International Financial Center In Hopes To Become Eurasian Finance Hub

Built into the infrastructure from a World Expo in 2017, Kazakhstan’s new city tries being a little bit of Dubai, a little bit of Singapore, and a little bit of London.


Oil: Higher Prices To Come

Cycles point to higher oil prices. Here are the components of this energy picture.


Five Attractive Stocks Under $10

Chico’s and four other stocks trading under $10 that are worth a look.


Meanwhile, In The Failed State Of Venezuela…

PSUV continues to destroy the economy. Wall Street should give up waiting for regime change in Venezuela.


I’m Too Busy Counting Dividends

Ironic as it sounds, I’m now rapping about REITs, and like Rich The Kid, I’m also busy count’n dividends.


Stocks This Week: Intuitive Surgical, Tenet Healthcare And Anadarko Petroleum

The market is due to rally this week. These stocks are likely to lead.


Half Of All Power Set To Come From Renewable Energy By 2050, While Coal Recedes To Just 11%

By the middle of the century, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar are set to generate half of the world’s power, as a result of continuing cost falls in the two technologies and batteries. There is still a role for gas as back-up to renewables, but just 11% of power will come from coal.


Gold Price Outlook Mired by Extreme Retail Positioning

The recent rebound in gold appears to stalling at a near-term pivot as the precious metal quickly falls back from the July-high ($1266).


US Dollar Pullback Can Cut Both Ways: USD Price Action Setups

The US Dollar has spent most of the new quarter retracing the Q2 bullish trend. But it appears as though we’ve hit an inflection point,


Weekly Technical Perspective on the British Pound (GBP/USD)

BREXIT headlines seem to have shaken the Pound but has the outlook really changed? Here are the key price levels that matter on the GBP/USD


USD/JPY Technical Outlook: Price Rally Approaching Critical Resistance

Price is up nearly 3% off the May lows with the pair now approaching key weekly resistance. Here are the targets & invalidation levels that


EUR Technical Analysis Overview: Short Term Euro Softness, Long Term Gain

EUR Technical Analysis Overview: Short Term Euro Softness, Long Term Gain


USD/JPY: Net-Short Positions Rise 11.9% As Price Tests Resistance

Traders are further net-short than yesterday and last week, and the combination of current sentiment and recent changes gives us a stronger USDJPY-bullish contrarian trading


USD/CAD Rebound Stalls Ahead of Bank of Canada (BoC) Meeting

The recent rebound in USD/CAD appears to stalling ahead of the Bank of Canada (BoC) meeting as data prints coming out of Canada boost bets


Bitcoin Prices May Continue to Fall as Retail Traders Fight Trend

The combination of current sentiment and recent changes gives us a further mixed Bitcoin trading bias.


US Dollar Strength Comes Back – But Can it Continue?

The US Dollar has seen a return of bullish price action since this week’s open, breaking the tide thats been showing since the end of


US AM Digest: EUR Dips on ZEW Survey, GBP Hampered by Soft Output Data

US AM Digest: EUR Dips on ZEW Survey, GBP Hampered by Soft Output Data


EUR/USD Triangle Remains Intact as DXY Eyes Short-term Bottom

EUR/USD triangle since mid-May has failed to yield a break to the topside, giving the DXY Index room to recover.


DAX Chart Set-up; Technical Update for Gold Price, Crude Oil & More

Today, we looked at a couple of compelling charts of the DAX along with the technical outlook for other major indices, gold, and crude oil.


Wall Street closes higher on the back of upbeat earnings figures

Major equity indexes in the United States opened the day slightly higher and were able to preserve their gains to close in the positive territory.



Gold Technical Analysis: Yellow Metal back to the drawing board near $1255.00/oz

Gold 15-minute chart 

Spot rate:                   1,255.67

Relative change:         -0.15%

High:                          1,260.31



Global market snapshot, dollar gives back some gains – ANZ

Analysts at ANZ noted that the solid data flow and fewer negative trade headlines supported markets, but the USD gave back some recent gains. 

Key Qu


US: CPI to show a 0.2% increase in June – Wells Fargo

On Wednesday, US June CPI is due. Analysts at Wells Fargo, expect the headline (and also the core) to show a rise of 0.2% in line with market…


GBP/JPY Technical Analysis: Guppy approaching June’s high at 148.10 level

GBP/JPY 15-minute chart 

Spot rate:                  147.63

Relative change:        0.46%    

High:                         147.79



BoE on track to hike in August – AmpGFX

Greg Gibbs, Founder, Analyst, & PM, Amplifying Global FX Capital Pty Ltd, an Australian financial services company explained that in a speech at the N


US Senate Maj. Leader McConnell: Not worried about Trump pulling out of NATO

The U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell crossed the wires in the last hour saying that he was not worried about President Trump willing to pul


GBP/USD Technical Analysis: Symmetrical Triangle, with support above 1.3240

GBP/USD 15-minute chart


Spot rate:               1.3267

Relative change:     0.06%     

High:                      1.3302



Key themes across the FX space as we await US CPI this week – Scotiabank

While we await US CPI data as a key event this week, analysts at Scotiabank noted the key themes across the FX space.

Key Quotes:

“The GBP’s slide o


EUR/JPY: has eroded the 55-D MA and the 2018 downtrend line, bullish bias

EUR/JPY has been scoring fresh highs in a continuation of the late June rally from the depths of the 127 handle. The risk is on, stocks are up, DXY lo


USD/MXN tumbles below 19.00 to lowest in 2 months

The USD/MXN pair approached the 19.30 area earlier today but then reverses sharply. It eared daily gains and broke below 19.00, reaching…


GBP/USD’s technical outlook is Neutral/bearish – Scotiabank

Analysts at Scotiabank explained that GBP/USD’s technical outlook is Neutral/bearish.

Key Quotes:

“The GBP traded sharply lower yesterday and closed


Gold steadies near $1255 as US Dollar goes into consolidation below 94

The tory ounce of the precious metal dropped to a fresh weekly low at $1247 earlier today but retraced the majority of its daily losses in the NA sess


BoC to hike this week – AmpGFX

Greg Gibbs, Founder, Analyst, & PM, Amplifying Global FX Capital Pty Ltd, an Australian financial services company explained that the market is on boa


Brexit: political risks have diminished somewhat but have not disappeared – Scotiabank

Analysts at Scotiabank explained that despite all of yesterday’s gnashing and wailing over Brexit policy and the future of PM May, the committee meeti


EUR/USD: technicals are indecisive, bulls need a close above 50-D SMA to target 1.1853/55

EUR/USD has been up to 1.1769 in NY trade, extending the rise from 1.1508 and through the descending 50-D SMA at 1.1736, albeit lacking conviction as


AUD/USD Technical Analysis: Aussie double top at 0.7485 weekly high

15-minute chart 

Spot rate:                0.7460

Relative change:     -0.10%     

High:                       0.7485



US: Job openings remain elevated – Wells Fargo

Analysts at Wells Fargo, explained that the number of job openings declined 0.2 million to 6.6 million in May, which is still consistent with an extre


USD/CHF Technical Analysis: Swissy pulling back to 0.9920 after bullish attempt

USD/CHF 15-minute chart 

Spot rate:                  0.9924

Relative change:       0.10%     

High:                         0.9963



United States 3-Year Note Auction rose from previous 2.664% to 2.685%

United States 3-Year Note Auction rose from previous 2.664% to 2.685%


UK PM May: Brexit proposal absolutely keeps faith with vote of British people

British Prime Minister Theresa May is out on the newswires, saying that the Brexit proposal absolutely keeps faith with the vote of the British people


AUD/USD: eyes on the 50-D SMA, 0.7493

AUD/USD has been consolidating above the descending channel’s prior resistance and between the 50 and 21-D SMAs. The pair has recovered from the Asian


UK: Two Tory vice chairs resign in protest at Chequers plan

BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg recently announced that two of Tory vice chairs, Ben Bradley and Maria Caulfield, resigned from their position


EUR/USD Technical Analysis: Euro bounces from daily lows and challenges 1.1730-1.1740 area

EUR/USD 15-minute chart 

Spot rate:              1.1734

Relative change:   -0.14%  

High:                     1.1763



United States 4-Week Bill Auction: 1.85% vs previous 1.86%

United States 4-Week Bill Auction: 1.85% vs previous 1.86%


EIA forecasts 2018 US crude oil production to rise by 1.44 million bpd

The U.S. Energy Information Administration has recently published its short-term energy outlook with key quotes, via Reuters, found below.

EIA fore


German EconMin: US Pres. Trump’s trade policy boosts political instability risk

Germany’s minister for economic affairs and energy, Peter Altmaier, recently crossed the wires saying that the US President Donald Trump’s trade polic


Buy USD/CAD, target 1.3500 – TDS

Analysts at TD Securities, (TDS), said that they have entered a long USD/CAD position (spot ref: 1.3115) in their FX Model Portfolio with a target of


EUR/GBP: rejected at 0.89 the figure, 200-D SMA now back under pressure

EUR/GBP has been back on the back foot on Tuesday, dropping from the 0.8874 Asian highs to a low of 0.8819 in early NY trade.  Cable has recovered fro


EUR/GBP Technical Analysis: EUR/GBP ranging near 0.8840 level

EUR/GBP 15-minute chart 

Spot rate:                0.8841

Relative change:     -0.25%     

High:                       0.8877



The Inflation Divide Crossing Wall Street

Economist Mark Perry has created a fascinating chart. It shows the increase in prices in several sectors of the economy. In the areas that are subject


One Upgrade and One Down Grade Crossing Wall Street

I usually don’t pay much attention to analyst moves on our Buy List stocks, but today we had two that are noteworthy.

Check Point Software (CHKP) was


Stocks rally ahead of the start of earnings season | Markets Insider

Stocks inched higher Tuesday, with the Dow Jones industrial average gaining for a fourth straight session, as markets brushed off mounting trade tensions a…


Netflix just added a ‘Smart Downloads’ feature for mobile users

‘Smart Downloads’ will automatically delete downloaded episodes after they are watched, and new episodes will be downloaded when the device is connected to WiFi. Netflix said the feature is intended for ease-of-use and to save storage.


The Google superstar Apple poached is now in charge of Siri

Apple announced on Tuesday that it combined its machine learning and Siri groups under John Giannandrea, a Google veteran that the iPhone maker poached earlier this year.


An unintended consequence of Trump’s trade war is coming for one of the industries that will be hit hardest, and it could give him a big win

Soybean farmers are expected to be among the hardest hit by President Donald Trump’s trade war with China — but before the pain starts, the farmers could hand Trump a huge public-relations win on the US economy.


GM’s $2 billion deal with a Japanese tech giant may give the automaker a big advantage in the race to develop self-driving cars

The deal has given GM equity value that it can use to attract new talent. Cruise has grown dramatically since GM bought it in 2016; what started as a 40-employee startup now has 800 people working it. GM President Dan Ammann said that another leg of significant growth is on the way.


What you need to know on Wall Street today

Hello. Here’s what you need to know on Wall Street today.


An unauthorized copy of an investing bible that Wall Streeters pay thousands of dollars for was up for grabs on Kindle for $9.99

A Kindle copy of “Margin of Safety,” written by the billionaire value investor and hedge fund manager Seth Klarman, briefly sold for $9.99. Hard copies of the out-of-print book, which is considered a bible of value investing, sell for thousands of dollars.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s 100 million euro move to Juventus sends shares rocketing almost 40%

Ronaldo was Real Madrid’s top all-time goal scorer, with 451 goals since moving there in 2009. He has won five Ballons d’Or — the most prestigious individual trophy in world soccer — and is arguably the greatest player in the history of the sport.


A rising star at Morgan Stanley who helped turn around an ailing business has landed a big promotion

A rising star at Morgan Stanley has landed a big promotion, according to a note reviewed by Business Insider.


Tesla is planning to build a plant in China that produces 500,000 vehicles a year (TSLA) | Markets Insider

Tesla plans to build a plant in China capable of producing 500,000 vehicles a year.
The news comes a day after Electrek said the electric-car maker raised…


GM’s self-driving car unit could be worth $43 billion — nearly 4 times the valuation it received 6 weeks ago, RBC says (GM) | Markets Insider

General Motors’ self-driving unit, Cruise, could be worth $43 billion, RBC Capital Markets estimates.
The autonomous arm received a valuation of $11….


PepsiCo is gaining ground after its earnings beat (PEP) | Markets Insider

PepsiCo is gaining ground Tuesday after it beat on both the top and bottom lines. 
Solid Frito-Lay sales helped offset a decline in its North America…


10 things you need to know before the opening bell (SPY, SPX, QQQ, DIA, TSLA, PEP, FOXA, CMCSA, BAC, GS) | Markets Insider

Here is what you need to know.
Trump makes his Supreme Court pick. President Donald Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh, 53, to replace the retiring Justice…


BioCryst, Idera shares halted as proposed merger called off

Shares of BioCryst Pharmaceuticals Inc. BCRX, +0.00% and Idera Pharmaceuticals Inc. IDRA, -0.72% were halted in the extended session Tuesday after Bio


U.S. stocks extend gains for fourth session as defensive shares rally

U.S. stocks extended gains to close higher for a fourth session Tuesday as investors turned defensive, snapping up consumer staples and utilities shar


Alphabet stock dips after report of another multibillion-dollar EU antitrust fine

Alphabet Inc. GOOGL, -0.01% GOOG, -0.10% shares dipped slightly in Tuesday’s session after a report that the European Union’s antitrust division is pr


Tintri files for bankruptcy, barely a year after going public

Tintri Inc. TNTR, -5.18% said Tuesday it filed for bankruptcy, just a little over a year after the flash storage company went public. The company said


EIA lifts 2019 U.S. crude production forecast

The U.S. Energy Information Administration raised its 2019 forecast on U.S. crude-oil production, but left its view on output for this year unchanged,


AT&T to acquire cybersecurity startup

AT&T Inc. T, +1.09% announced Tuesday that it will acquire a Silicon Valley cybersecurity startup as part of its efforts to offer security software to


Snap stock falls after Facebook launches AR ads in core news feed

Shares of Snap Inc. SNAP, -2.49% are down 1.8% in Tuesday trading after Facebook Inc. FB, -0.58% announced that it had started to launch augmented-rea


Kohl’s hosting its own Prime Day today

Kohl’s Corp KSS, +0.23% is hosting a one-day sale event on Tuesday, offering savings on items like luggage, beach towels, kitchen appliances and the G


Error in new tax law hurting retailers and fast-food chains: WSJ

A glitch in the new tax law is hurting retailers and fast-food chains, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. The goof prevents these firms from de


Commerce chief Ross admits to selling Air Lease stock

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross acknowledged last week he sold shares of a stock well after he had promised to divest his holdings, saying he had


Check Point stock gains after BTIG upgrade

Check Point Software Technologies Inc. CHKP, +2.34% shares are up 2% in Tuesday trading after BTIG analyst Joel Fishbein upgraded the stock to buy fro


Walgreens’ stock falls to pace Dow losers after Evercore ISI downgrades on ‘too high’ wall of worry

Shares of Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc. WBA, -0.83% dropped 0.5% in morning trade Tuesday, enough to pace the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s DJIA, +0.


Nordstrom shares slide after below-consensus revenue guidance announced

Nordstrom Inc. JWN, -2.67% shares are down 4.2% in Tuesday trading after the department store retailer announced 2018 sales guidance that’s below the


Trump grants clemency to Oregon cattle ranchers whose imprisonment led to armed standoff

President Donald Trump on Tuesday granted clemency to two Oregon cattle ranchers, whose imprisonment led to a 2016 armed standoff. Trump granted cleme


Stitch Fix stock soars to new intraday high after KeyBanc starts coverage with bullish rating

Shares of Stitch Fix Inc. SFIX, +6.01% are up 9% in Tuesday morning trading to a new intraday high after KeyBanc Capital Markets analyst Ed Yruma bega


Dow industrials aim for first 4-day rise in about a month as stock market extends gains

U.S. stocks opened higher Tuesday, setting the main indexes up for a fourth straight advance on the back of strong economic data that have thus far of


J.C. Penney to open new Brooklyn store

J.C. Penney Co. Inc. JCP, +0.00% said Tuesday that it will open a new store location in Brooklyn, at the Kings Plaza mall, on August 10. Another Brook


Netflix launches feature that will automatically delete old episodes and download new ones on mobile devices

Netflix, Inc. is launching a new feature, “Smart Downloads,” aimed at its users who download episodes to watch on their phones or tablets while on the


IsoRay’s stock plunges on premarket -leading volume after stock offering

Shares of IsoRay Inc. ISR, -36.45% plummeted 36% in premarket-leading volume of over 2.5 million shares, after the medical technology company announce


Spotify stock falls after Oppenheimer starts coverage with perform rating

Shares of Spotify Technology SA SPOT, +1.69% are down 0.4% in premarket trading after Oppenheimer analyst Jason Helfstein initiated coverage of the st


Wynn Resorts’ stock rallies after Stifel Nicolaus analyst turns bullish

Shares of Wynn Resorts Ltd. WYNN, +3.28% hiked up 1.4% in premarket trade Tuesday, after Stifel Nicolaus turned bullish on the casino operator, citing


Amazon to create 600 new jobs in Canada

Amazon.com Inc. AMZN, +0.23% said Tuesday it will create more than 600 jobs in the Ottawa, Canada suburb of Orleans as it plans to build a one-million


Square stock falls after Jefferies downgrades to hold

Jefferies analyst John Hecht assumed coverage of Square Inc. SQ, -2.59% with a hold rating on Tuesday, lowering the firm’s price target to $60 from $6


KB Home’s stock rallies after Susquehanna upgrades, as rising rate concerns appear overdone

Shares of KB Home KBH, +0.25% rallied 3.3% toward a three-month high in premarket trade Tuesday, after Susquehanna turned bullish on the home builder,


Walmart’s Jet.com to open Bronx fulfillment center for same-day delivery in New York

Walmart Inc.’s WMT, +1.49% Jet.com e-commerce site said Tuesday that it will open a new fulfillment center in the Bronx in order to bring same-day and


Stryker names Timothy Scannell president and COO effective Aug. 1

Medical-tech company Stryker Corp. SYK, +0.44% said Tuesday it has named Timothy Scannell president and chief operating officer, effective Aug. 1. The


EBay’s stock drops after analyst downgrade on concern over SCOTUS’s tax ruling

EBay Inc.’s stock EBAY, -2.29% dropped 1.6% in premarket trade Tuesday, after the e-commerce company was downgraded at SunTrust Robinson Humphrey, cit


Celgene reports positive results in late-stage trial of treatment for breast cancer

Celgene Corp. CELG, +0.85% reported positive results from a late-stage trial of a treatment for breast cancer Tuesday, saying the trial met its co-pri


US Dollar Pullback Can Cut Both Ways: USD Price Action Setups

The article accompanying this webinar can be found at the following link: https://www.dailyfx.com/forex/video/live_events/2018/07/10/us-dollar-pullback-can-c…


Forex: Top FX Headlines: EUR/USD Triangle Remains Intact as DXY Eyes Short-term Bottom: 7/10/18

– GBP/USD remains in its two-month descending channel as UK PM May looks to weather the recent resignations from her cabinet. – EUR/USD triangle since mid-Ma…


S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 Forecast July 11, 2018

The S&P 500 has rallied significantly during the day on Tuesday, as it wasn’t so much the distance traveled, but more the area that we are pressing up agains…


WTI Crude Oil and Natural Gas Forecast July 11, 2018

The WTI Crude Oil market initially rallied during the day on Tuesday but continues to find plenty of selling orders at the $75 level. That’s a level that is …


Bitcoin Forecast July 11, 2018

Bitcoin fell significantly during trading again on Tuesday, as the $6800 level has offered significant resistance. I think that losing over 4% again shows ju…


EUR/USD and GBP/USD Forecast July 11, 2018

The Euro fell initially during the trading session on Tuesday but found enough support near the 1.17 level to turn around of form a hammer. The 50 day EMA lo…


USD/JPY and AUD/USD Forecast July 11, 2018

The US dollar rallied against the Japanese yen during the trading session on Tuesday, breaking above the ¥111 level. By doing so, the market looks ready to a…


What impact will regulation have on the crypto market?

Crytalgo CEO, Francisco Portillejo Hoyos, tells IG that regulation in the cryptocurrency space is coming. He says the current volatility is ‘justified’ and w…


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