Shopping basket abandonment: The online blight costing retailers £18bn a year

“Millennial shoppers (those aged 25-34) are the most indecisive online, followed by 18-24-year-olds, the survey showed” writes Matthew Lynn for Indecisive consumers who abandon their online shopping baskets are causing retailers to lose £18bn worth of potential sales each year, a new survey claims.To tackle basket abandonment, retailers typically send automated email reminders to customers, but independent retail expert Clare Bailey said that companies must invest in their payment process to ensure that the online shopping experience is as seamless and hassle-free as possible.”In the same way that consumers can lose interest in a purchase when buying in-store due to long queues, they are also put off by confusing and long check-out processes online,” she said. “As such, retailers don’t want to waste their efforts in helping customers get items into the basket only to fall at the final hurdle when customers drop out because of problems at the check-out.”.

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