Republican offers tax reform amendment to combat sexual assault in Hollywood

“Ken Buck, R-Colo., offered an amendment that would block tax subsidies for legal settlements concerning sexual assault or harassment under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the name of the Republican tax reform effort” writes Diana Stancy Correll for As a result, Buck’s office claims that when companies deduct settlements from their tax liability upon settling sexual harassment or assault cases in Hollywood, taxpayers “subsidize” the companies’ costs of “covering up the illegal behavior.” Buck’s proposed amendment would cut business expensing for legal settlements, fines, fees, and legal expenses associated with sexual assault and harassment.As Congress rethinks our tax code, we need to rethink the way we treat Hollywood by eliminating the business expense deduction for hush money associated with sexual assault and sexual harassment cases.” Buck’s press office noted that companies often write off settlements and legal fees as necessary business expenses.

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