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Nvidia scores big win with Daimler, Bosch self-driving-car platform

“Though Nvidia had no involvement in the hardware or implementation of that vehicle, autonomous driving itself suffered a retraction in the market” writes Ryan Shrout for Bosch and Daimler, parent company of luxury-car maker Mercedes-Benz, have signed an agreement with Nvidia to supply its latest AI automotive processing hardware and system software for the upcoming self-driving car fleets.Nvidia is not alone in the market for autonomous driving.The advantages that Nvidia has in graphics-chip development, and the subsequent leadership in AI processing, gives it a jumpstart that no other company can match.Though Bosch and Daimler are just two of many top level automotive companies across the globe, the confidence in both to announce plans for the peak level of autonomous driving capability around Nvidia DRIVE Pegasus marks an important milestone for the industry.

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