Nissan warns of ‘adjustment’ to UK operations as Brexit terms become clearer

“If Britain fails to agree a trade deal with Europe and moves to World Trade Organisation tariffs, then this could have an impact on Nissan’s giant Sunderland plant which turns out 500,000 cars a year” writes Alan Tovey for “We would have to look at the degrees of change and adjust our business to take into account whatever this new trading platform would be,” the Nissan executive said, adding the decision to build the new cars at Sunderland was based on “a set of circumstances” at a point in time.”As those circumstances change, and we wouldn’t wait until the end of the process, we will continually review the decisions that we take, based on anything that materially changes,” Mr Lawther told MPs.”So at the moment we have got a set of circumstances we are happy with and we will honour that decision going forward.

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