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Loci is using blockchain technology to tell you if your invention is unique

“Invention analysis platform Loci has announced today the launch of its blockchain-powered solution that helps you determine whether your invention is unique or whether it has already been thought of” writes Stewart Rogers for Loci Search and Invention Analysis are about an inventor deciding what they can do with their invention; the marketplace is actually them doing what they need to with it.Through Loci Search, we can really give inventors information that they can use to make informed decisions as to whether their idea is novel and patentable.” Since Loci is running on blockchain technology, it has its own associated token, LOCICoin.Loci lets you take your invention idea, input it into the Loci platform for analysis, and then get a report that analyzes the product or service and sets a score that helps you understand how novel or unique your idea is.So far, blockchain has focused largely on areas such as fintech, cryptocurrencies, real estate, insurance, and identity.

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