Kobalt’s Revenue Grows 23.5 Percent, While Net Losses Continue to Widen

“Nevertheless, the publishing company shows it is making strides in helping the company to eventually attain profitability” writes Ed Christman for That represents a slight increase from the $3.3 million loss in EBITDA in 2016 when revenues were $21.65 million.Looking at the company by segment, music publishing remains the Kobalt’s centerpiece garnering $241.3 million in revenue, a 10.8 percent increase in revenue year-over-year.That operation doubled its revenue to $38.4 million from $18.6 million in 2016, but the earlier year was down from 2015’s $29 million in revenue.That performance compares with a $30.04 million net loss in the prior year, when revenues were nearly $260 million.

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